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Your Winter Jacket Is the First Line to Keep Out the Cold

Quality winter jackets that can hold the cold at bay are essential for the bitter winter months that are rapidly approaching. Staying warm and protected from the icy breeze and piles of snow and sleet can mean the difference between warm comfort and sickness and will make traveling from home to work much easier and safer. There are a number of materials and styles that suit different individuals and can provide varying levels of warmth and softness.

Winter jackets can make great accessories for any outfit and are a staple for those in many countries for several months of the year. While most jackets are only worn when it's occasionally chilly or it rains, winter jackets are necessary for everyday travel out of the house for almost half the year in some locations. It's important to choose a winter jacket that has the best features from style to color to type of material. By prioritizing personal preferences, it can be an easy choice to find the winter jacket that best provides shelter from the cold while fitting an individual’s style.

Best Materials for Winter Jackets

There are many materials that can make a winter jacket warm and soft without uncomfortable dampness or itchiness. Wool is a popular fabric because of its breathable, durable nature and ability to resist water. Winter jackets are bulky and while they fend off the cold, they can also trap the body in its own heat and sweat. Fabrics that allow the skin to breathe and resist moisture allow for a more thoroughly comfortable feel for longer.

Nylon is another flexible fabric that resists staining and is easy to clean. Hemp is also a great choice as it's a very sustainable and environmentally friendly fabric while providing a great deal of warmth and comfort much like other fabrics. Cashmere, while being a more expensive option, also provides silky softness and a warmth that is hard to compete with. When choosing a material, it comes down to individual preference and the unique properties like durability and breathability that can make a winter jacket really stand out and last through the years.

Winter Jacket Styles for Women

Different outfits call for different styles of jacket that can best accentuate and improve the overall look. The trench coat style is perfect for a variety of occasions and provides great coverage of the whole torso and down the legs. With a number of buttons and even more fabric choices, trench coats can be worn through a range of temperatures and climates. Pea coats are also perfect for maintaining warmth while remaining fashionable and ready for anything.

Military coats are a stricter style that pours down the legs and exudes an aura of strength and certainty. Cape coats and car coats are other great options that flatter the figure and provide warmth for the body and soft comfort to the skin. Many jacket styles are perfect for the feminine profile while still protecting them from the elements with maximum style.

Winter Jacket Styles for Men

Whether fashion or comfort is at the forefront of concern, there are plenty of winter jacket styles for men that can get them through the cold winter months. Heavy parka coats are a staple style for men and provide a great deal of warmth and protection from the elements with plenty of pocket space. Often waterproof with bulky pockets of material that can slightly restrict movement, this style is great if warmth is a higher concern over fashion.

Overcoats and duffle coats are great alternatives for those looking for fashionable options that don't forsake their original purpose. Often made with comforting wool and an abundance of layers, these types of coats go with a great deal of outfits and are a versatile accoutrement in any man's closet.