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Which of the Different Shower Enclosures Should I Choose?

You have actually selected the appearance you're going for in your bathroom, as well as exactly what type of shower to obtain. Currently it's time to pick a room and tray-- the frame and base of your shower.

Picking your shower unit and tray is not nearly complementing the choices you've made in regards to create, or the kind of shower you've selected: you likewise require to think of the space you need to play with. If you've obtained a smaller sized shower room, choosing a much more portable enclosure which could fit in a corner is possibly going to be the most effective choice for you, while larger restrooms could check out a bigger unit that could have a large door opening up out.

Let us aid you by taking you through all the components you have to consider when getting shower unit and tray, prior to showing you some of the alternatives.

When purchasing shower rooms and trays, you could see them being described as "left handed" or "best handed" (except for square rooms). Once you've worked out where you 'd like your shower, stand with your back to the corner. If the door's going to open on your left-hand side then you require a left-handed enclosure If it's mosting likely to be on the right-hand man side-- it's a right-handed unit. Keep in mind to think of where the home windows and doors are in the space, along with any blockages. This ought to aid you make the most effective choice.

Types of Shower Rooms

When picking your framework, think of where you're going to put the shower in your restroom. All styles can be placed into an edge, with the square or quadrant choices taking up the least floor space. Later on, you'll should consider the ideal door option for the space, however, for now, concentrate on the shapes and size of your suitable enclosure.

All our shower rooms are made from toughened shatterproof glass and can be found in four densities; 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm.


If your restroom gets on the smaller side, a quadrant shower room is a fantastic selection-- they port easily right into an edge without taking up also much floor area. Plus, they typically have sliding doors, leaving you more area to have fun with. That's why the quadrant shower enclosure and tray is the most prominent option in the UK. This dual moving quadrant room with a white framework from Plumbsure is a consumer favourite.

Offset Quadrant

The same to the quadrant shower room yet allowing even more space, the offset quadrant has the included bonus offer being able to pick either a left handed or appropriate handed tray-- to ensure that you can make best usage of your area. Take an appearance at the silver result, dual moving doors choice from the Luxuriant variety by Cooke & Lewis.


A stylish and modern-day style, square shower units take up a percentage of space and give you more options when it comes to doors and frames. Try the square shower enclosure with a hinged door from the Cooke & Lewis Exuberance range for an innovative appearance with a silver effect frame.

Rectangular Shape

If you're trying to find a larger shower for your restroom, rectangle-shaped shower rooms are perfect. Our clients rate the solitary door variation with a white structure from Plumbsure.