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Which Chainsaws Are a Cut Above the Rest?

Chainsaws are excellent tools that many people choose to help them perform a large number of difficult tasks. What some people don’t know is that there are a large number of things that make a chainsaw better than others. The basic chainsaw will help cut things, but it does it inefficiently and with much trouble.

Features To Include in a Chainsaw

When you’re looking for a better chainsaw, look for these features.

  • Trigger Lock - The function of a trigger lock is to instantly stop the chain when you stop pushing the trigger. This means there will be no accidental starts or mistakes which can cause accidents.
  • Chain Brakes - Many gas powered chainsaws are known to feature these. The purpose of a chain brake is to stop the saw instantly if the chain unwinds and presses against it or if the brake touches the hand. This is another safety measure intended to keep people safe during use.
  • Anti Vibration Handles - Using a chainsaw can result in some serious vibrations. The best ones have anti-vibration measures. They are built with springs or rubber separating the handle from the blade.
  • See Through Fluid Tanks - It’s always useful to know how much oil or gas someone has left in their chainsaw. Potentially stopping in the middle of a heavy job can result in a stuck saw and much annoyance!
  • Self Oiling Chains - Chainsaws need to be well oiled so as to avoid the danger of overheating and catastrophic failure. Rather than having to constantly oil a chain manually, good chainsaws will have methods to oil the saw as it works.
  • Long Term Support and Warranties - When a chainsaw is of good quality, the manufacturer will have no trouble in backing up their product. When this is the case, they will offer much longer term warranties than a weaker machine.

Knowledge Is Important

Not every chainsaw is perfect for every position. Before you purchase your chainsaw, you need to determine exactly what it is going to be used for. The location that work is going to take place matters. Most work with a chainsaw is likely to be completed outside. However, there may be some work that is needed indoors. In that situation, a gas powered chainsaw is not an option and the purchaser needs to consider a different option. Of course, if work is going to take you far from an electrical outlet, then gas powered is the only way to go.

The size of the material being cut matters. Unsurprisingly, the larger the obstruction or object, the larger the chainsaw is needed. For large logging practices, a full sized heavy duty chainsaw will be needed.

Maintenance Matters

One of the last things that needs to be considered is maintaining a chainsaw. While a lot of hte standard maintenance can be easily completed at home, if something major breaks, that’s going to leave one of two options. There are often small engine mechanics who have some experience fixing chainsaws. However if it is under warranty, it may require a technician specifically from the brand you have chosen. If one brand has a repair shop down the street, and one is several hundred miles away, it may be a thing to consider.

The best chainsaws will often need the least amount of maintenance. One of the most common forms of maintenance is oiling the chain of a chainsaw. However, as mentioned earlier, good chainsaws will come with self oiling mechanisms. Proper maintenance should still insist on having this double checked and worked on however. A chainsaw in good maintenance will be a useful tool for many years!