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Which Appliance Stores Offer These Affordable Appliance Brands?

Designing and decorating a house can be difficult. Everything seems to cost more than people would like. The alternative is shoddy merchandise that barely manages to do what needs to be done before it breaks and needs to be replaced. The real trick is finding quality or luxury equipment at prices that are reasonable. Getting appliances with a huge bang for the buck will make any kitchen complete! Read on for the 5 Best Cost Effective Luxury Brands of Appliances.

5. Frigidaire

Specifically, rank number 5 goes to the Frigidaire Professional series. They also make two level levels of appliances with their base lineup and their gallery lineup. Frigidaire Professional is more costly than the other options, but it comes with a lot more value for what it is providing:

Pros: When it comes to appearance, there aren’t many better appliances than the Frigidaire Professional series. Whether a person is looking for crisp lines or supple curves, they can find them. The range has some great features like a frying pan specific burner and temperature probes.

Cons: Unfortunately, the like of ranges lacks something that many chefs crave: a warming drawer. What makes it even more incomprehensible is that the Gallery level range does have one! The other thing that you can’t find is a wall mounted oven/microwave combo appliance.  It would be a nice finisher to an otherwise good lineup of appliances.

4. KitchenAid

The KitchenAid brand is known throughout the world. It’s part of the umbrella of appliances that is owned by the Whirlpool Corporation. A few years back, KitchenAid got a rethink. It went from poorer items to quality mid tier (and above) equipment. KitchenAid is a powerhouse when it comes to dishwashers and refrigerators. Their cooking appliances shouldn’t be ignored though!


When KitchenAid redid their model line, a new emphasis on appearance was implemented. The appliances are now sleek and impressive. In addition a lot of thought was given to innovation. Many of the appliances make full use of their space, with exceptional organization or extra drawers that may be unexpected. Ranges and stoves have a large warming cabinet.


Somehow, KitchenAid still seems to lack a washing machine that will appear perfectly flush along with the kitchen cabinets. This can be an issue for people with specific kitchen visuals. KitchenAid is still catching up when it comes to extra technology in some of their appliances. Their offerings aren’t quite ready to be implemented into the internet of things.

3. Bosch Benchmark

Bosch has a full range of high end appliances just waiting to be used. Bosch has excelled at integration and innovation with their appliances, finding ways to fit both a person’s budget and their style. There’s a lot to like from the Bosch offerings.


As mentioned, Bosch is offering a lot of integration and technological innovation. The Benchmark line in particular is known to include a lot of innovation and technology. While this started in their major appliances, it’s started to trickle down to their smaller offerings as well. The Bosch dishwasher is an exceptionally good choice for quality, and doesn’t force a brand label on the front to damage potential decor.


One of the downsides is that the lower end of the Bosch lines are disappointing. The other downside is they still lack WiFi support and compatibility. This will need to be an area that Bosch improves on in the future because it will be a consistent demand in the marketplace.

2. Samsung

Samsung is a company that has endured a heavy, roller coaster like history. This company has been producing electronics for a long time, and it’s that technology that they have brought to appliance creation. While Samsung originally made budget appliances, their modern models now set the standard!


Of course, Samsung make the most technologically sophisticated equipment. One of their best items is their 4 door refrigeration system. This flexible design is easily the most versatile possible in a refrigerator. The hub on top of their designs offers huge touchscreen displays and allows easy customization of the appliances. Their Flex Duo stove is also incredibly versatile. It features dual stoves allowing for independent cooking for multiple things without and flavor mixing.


Samsung has been putting out a pretty good appliance line. However there is still one weakness. Their dishwashers lack the technology included in their other appliances. There’s time for them to change this moving forward though. Their customer service is also known to be a weaker than many other companies, though they have been working to improve it.

1. Jenn-Air

The Whirlpool company owns a lot of different brands. Jenn-Air is their flagship brand and offers an immense amount of excellent luxury appliances. Jenn-Air offers fully equipped slide in models. This gives you stoves, ranges, microwave and warming cabinet all included together. It can even include a dishwasher and fridge. It’s really fully equipped!


Sometimes luxury can be expensive, except Jenn-Air is surprisingly competitive with the other brands on this list. They are typically equally priced, except they have a larger warranty. This increased warranty combined with the incredible quality makes the Jenn-Air a great choice. They are good looking appliances and they have mobile control. They are truly great appliances!


Like some other companies, the dishwasher offerings from Jenn-Air don’t match the quality offered in their other appliances. Some of the refrigerator offerings don’t match the style of a Samsung, but these are minor issues!


While some appliances are expensive, it’s not necessary to spend over $10,000 to get a fully equipped kitchen with high quality appliances. These offerings all provide luxury quality at a reasonable or bargain price!