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What Needs to Happen to Get the Space Ready to Rent?

Are you considering investing in a rental property or renting out a separate part of your current dwelling? If so, here a few tips to help you prepare the space for a new renter.

What Needs to Happen to Get the Space Ready to Rent?

The first thing you should do is a complete inspection of the space, there are a number of conditions to look out for:

  • Water damage on the floors, walls or ceilings – ensure any spot is checked before just hiding with a coat of paint.
  • Smells that could be evidence of mildew
  • Leaks in the kitchen or bathroom fixtures – this will help prevent potential water damage in the future
  • Test all electrical outlets – ensure all outlets are up to the correct code
  • Ensure cabinets are on their hinges and the hardware is tight
  • Window coverings that are staying in place are in working order
  • Holes in the wall or significant markings that will need repair
  • If there is carpet, does it need to be cleaned? – This is almost always a must
  • Is the paint fading or is the color offsetting?
  • Appliances need to be in working order.  Are they reasonably up-to-date?
  • Check to see if the hardwood floors need to be refinished
  • Do all doors and windows open with ease?
  • Ensure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working on each floor / area

Once you have completed any items that need repairs or updates, it is a good idea to hire a cleaning service to thoroughly clean the space.

Take good notes of the final condition of the room to be able to refer to when a tenant departs so that you can use them to determine if you will need to make any deductions from a security deposit.

It is best to consult a professional to ensure that the space meets any local legal requirements and the lease agreement is solid. Without the proper paperwork in order evicting a unruling tenant can be a daunting task.