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What are the drawbacks to wood flooring?

Wood floorings are gorgeous, but they have their drawbacks. Consider the pros and disadvantages and choose if they're right for your home.

So you're thinking regarding setting up hardwood floors, but you're simply not prepared to earn the leap? We do not blame you-- it's a big decision! Utilize this listing of benefits and drawbacks to choose if they're a fit for you or if you must discover one more kind of flooring for your residence.

The Pros

  • Look - Wood floors most definitely have a means of making any kind of room look good. Their warm colors and natural appearance give an area a look that's tidy, simple and inviting. Expect to pay around $9-$ 12 each square foot.
  • Worth - Hardwoods are usually a must-have on property buyers' listings. Including woods to your home is a guaranteed way to include in your house's worth.
  • Sturdiness - It's not uncommon to walk right into a 100-year-old home and discover the original hardwood floorings, sometimes still looking excellent. When correctly cared for, hardwood floorings can last a lifetime (or longer!). Also when they've been put on down, it's typically possible to bring them back with a little TLC.
  • Easy maintenance - Hardwood floors are easy to take care of. Sweep or vacuum them when they get filthy and make use of a timber cleaner from time to time when they require a good sparkle. Spills aren't an issue since both fluids and solids wipe up easily without leaving a tarnish.
  • Versatile - Exhausted of your space? Throw down an area rug or more and you'll have entire brand-new appearance. Wood floorings are functional and simple to harmonize with any appearance or style.
  • Repairable - If your wood floorings do obtain damaged, they can be repaired! An easy sanding and refinishing is all it takes to bring your floors back to their former appeal.
  • Minimizes allergic reactions - Hard floor covering surfaces are much better on allergy victims. Allergens like pet dander and dust have the tendency to build up in carpet. They do not have as numerous hiding areas in hardwood floors.
  • Selection - The opportunities are nearly endless when it concerns options for your wood floorings. You can select from a number of timbers and discolorations, the density of the planks and the pattern in which they are laid. You can even blend and match if you're having a difficult time picking. If you tire of your choice-- or it just does not look comparable to you believed it would-- simply strip them and include a new tarnish. Voila-- "brand-new" floors!

The Cons

  • Cost - The cost of acquiring and setting up wood floorings will set you back a whole lot greater than acquiring and setting up other hard floors or carpets.
  • Cold - If you have a drafty residence, anticipate your hardwood floorings to be cool in the colder months. You'll definitely intend to keep a set of slippers by your bed!
  • Less pet-friendly - If you have pet dogs, they'll despise your wood floors. Their cushioned feet just cannot hold the smooth surface area, and they'll slip and move whenever they gain ground.
  • More regular cleaning - It's a good thing wood floors tidy conveniently, because you'll require to do it regularly. Wood shows dirt and dirt easily, so you'll should sweep or vacuum at the very least every two or 3 days.
  • Uses - Despite the fact that hardwood floorings will still be functional years after they're set up, they still scratch and put on, particularly in high-traffic areas. The used look can be corrected with a straightforward refinish, which you can anticipate to set you back $1-$ 4 per square foot.
  • Loud - There's no slipping up anybody in a home with hardwood floorings. Nearly every action is loud and obvious when you're strolling on timber. Various other audios in the home are louder with difficult surface area floorings, as well. Older hardwood floorings have the tendency to squeak.