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Use These Tips to Find the Perfect Family Vehicle

There’s nothing more important than protecting your family. Once you have children, your world changes. Suddenly, you need to really consider their needs above your own. The same can be said when you are choosing vehicles. Your family is going to need transportation and you need to be able to provide it. 

A family vehicle can become something full of wonderful memories, or it can be a horror story. You want your kids to be happy and love stories of road trips in your family vehicle, rather than stories about it breaking down. Family vehicles need to provide one thing above all others. They need to be safe. Protection of the family comes above all else. If you’re looking for the perfect family vehicle, consider the tips and information found throughout the remainder of this article. 

Criteria and Features Require For a Family Vehicle

As mentioned earlier, the first and most important aspect of any family vehicle is going to be safety. The features in the vehicle need to keep the occupants safe in case of an accident. This means airbags are a must. In addition, automatic safety features can be even more important. These help ensure there’s no accident in the first place. Automated lane departure warnings, blind spot monitoring and automated emergency braking can turn emergency situations into quickly resolved close calls. Don’t forget to consider how big your blind spots are. While technology is great, a good driver is always the most important aspect, and full vision helps! 

The second thing that makes a good family vehicle is size. While the days of every family picking up a gigantic wallowing minivan are over, having enough seating and cargo for the whole family is critical. Larger families should be looking for vehicles with third row seating. 

Finally, family vehicles usually preach moderation. Providing for a family can be expensive. Spending huge sums on features or a luxury vehicle that’s not necessary isn’t really a feasible option. Get the features and options that are really needed and look for a range of vehicles away from the luxury market. These are designed more often with family in mind. 

Popular Family Vehicles

When it comes to family vehicles, there’s three options. Sedans, crossover/SUVs and minivans are the three choices. Sedans are great for smaller families and comfort. Minivans offer lots of space. SUVs and crossovers offer a mix of these features, but feature a high riding position for comfort. Some of the most popular family vehicles include: 

  • Toyota RAV4 - Perfect for a starting family. 
  • Ford Edge - For families with larger kids, this 2 row SUV offers excellent room in the back seat and plenty of cargo space for activities. 
  • Kia Telluride - The biggest vehicle Kia has ever produced is refined with ample room for the family. 
  • Chrysler Pacifica - This minivan offers everything a family could possibly want, with features to please the driver and a reasonable price. 
  • Subaru Forester - While perhaps not that physically appealing, the safety technology on the Forester is second to none. 
  • Volvo V60 - Perhaps a bit more expensive than some other vehicles, the safety available is incredible. It’s a Volvo after all! 
  • Honda Accord - This legendary family vehicle is a great sedan offering with wonderful safety scores. 

Tips for Finding a Great Family Vehicle

The first tip for finding a great family vehicle is to specialize. Identify the two or three most important features for you before you start your search. Make sure that any vehicle has these features available. If emergency braking is your most important feature, don’t compromise on it! 

The second tip may feel a bit rougher. Ignore the exterior design. It’s always nice to have a great looking car. However, when it comes to family vehicles, the styling can often be boring. Not a lot of design chances are taken. But put aside the exterior appearance for a moment and consider the comfort on the interior instead. Remember, you’re usually looking at your vehicle from the inside out anyway! 

After you’ve identified the vehicle you want, it’s time to do your research. There are resources online that will show actual sales in a region, rather than the sticker price. This can give you an idea of what you should be aiming for in your negotiations. Salesmen are often willing to negotiate on family vehicles, especially if their model year is about to end. 

Used vs. New Vehicles

There are benefits to choosing either the new or used vehicle route. When buying a new vehicle, there’s a warranty designed to protect your family from vehicle damage or defects. Typically maintenance costs are much lower. In addition, newer vehicles tend to have the most modern safety features available at the time of purchase. 

Conversely, choosing a used vehicle comes with a much lower initial investment. Having a family is expensive and that extra money can certainly come in handy. While used cars are more likely to have maintenance issues, that’s something that can be dealt with later. People tend to take care of their vehicles, especially if they are on a lease plan. Getting a used vehicle that was previously leased can provide an excellent option in good operating shape at a good value.