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Use the Smart Speakers and Smart TV In Your Home Correctly

The heart of a smart home is the smart speaker. It’s the smart speaker than allows linking up to all the potential devices you can want for your home. It’s the smart speaker that allows you to give voice commands and have your smart home react exactly how you want it to.  While it’s possible to manage smart devices through a smart hub and cell phone, the voice activation is what’s important! 

Smart TVs are one of the easiest to use and most useful smart devices in a home. Having access to all of your apps directly on the TV without having to use an exterior device saves time and money. A smart TV means you can get more of what you want: great shows and movies! If you’re running a smart home, a smart speaker and smart TV is the place to start.

Using a Smart Speaker

When you set up your smart speaker, you are going to want to connect it to your wireless network. Configuring it through your computer, phone or tablet is possible, and often easier than configuring it through verbal commands alone. Each smart speaker on the market is slightly different. Most use a keyword to get the speaker to activate. Google brand speakers want people to say “Hey Google”. Amazon speakers have you call out to “Alexa” to put in commands. 

The most important thing when setting up a smart network is ensuring that every item is compatible with your main hub. There’s nothing worse than getting an item, installing it, and finding out there’s no way to use with your smart speaker. You didn’t get those hue lights so that they could just give you standard white light.

Using a Smart TV

Typically a smart TV is not going to be that hard to set up. Simply install the TV and hook it to your wifi. Your TV manual is a useful guidebook that can get you to exactly the setting you need to alter. 

In your smart TV, you’ll be able to access every input to the television. If you own a gaming system or other outside source, you can connect to your smart TV with them. It’s also possible to access apps through the television directly. Each smart TV can access any apps that have been developed for them. Streaming services all offer up apps. Many popular websites and apps for phones like YouTube also manage to have apps that are easily used through a smart TV. 

Smart TVs are really easy to hook up to various media providers. It’s not just cable companies either. DISH TV for example offers great streaming services through satellite or online channels. In addition, it also usually features the cable channels that many streaming services like Netflix don’t. No matter what your media needs, your SmartTV will be able to provide for it.

Popular Models

There are a large number of great versions of both smart speakers and smart TVs out there on the market. Smart TVs especially are created by dozens of manufacturers and have a huge variance when it comes to price and quality. That being said, you can still get a good smart TV at a reasonable price! Some of the best current TVs include: 

  • Samsung RU8000
  • Sony X900F
  • LG B8
  • TCL 4 Series
  • Vizio M8 Series

The smart speaker market is newer than the TV market. It tends to be dominated by people choosing speakers that link to the same operating system or creator of their phones. Some of the popular smartphones include: 

  • Google Home System - Google home speakers are reasonably priced. They can start around $50 with the max system costing around $400. 
  • Apple HomePod - Apple wasn’t the first to get involved with smart speakers, but they are certainly in the market now. Their HomePod system starts around $350. 
  • Amazon Echo Options - The Amazon Echo has the Dot, Show and regular smart speakers available. The show combines video abilities with a smart speaker to provide an all around interesting option. 
  • Sonos - Sonos offers several different smart speakers that can be bought. Prices can go as high as up to $400.