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These 10 Tips Will Transform Your Living Room Into a Rustic Dream

The rustic, Scandinavian decor is one that has taken the world of interiors by storm in 2016, and does not seem to be slowing down even a little bit in 2017!

If you're dreaming of your very own rustic living room, these 10 tips are sure to bring a touch of rural charm to the heart of your home.

Beaming Bars

You can't talk about rustic decor without mentioning beams. The overhead wooden bars add a feeling of coziness and bring the entire room together. 

Starry Lights

Image Credit - Youtube

When it comes to rustic decor, the only source of bright strong lighting should be the sun beaming through the window. Otherwise, your lighting sources should ideally be dimmed, stripped, and never neon. 

A Touch of White (and Beige)

The rustic interior doesn't have to be moody browns and dark floors but can be light with uniform whites and grays to bring forth an airier atmosphere.

Preloved, Reloved

Nothing screams rustic more than reclaimed treasures, especially wooden pieces. A reclaimed coffee table or chest of drawers go a long way. 

Organized Clutter

Image Credit - Youtube

a cluster of wall hangings, framed photos, or even faux taxidermy animal heads can bring about a "lived in" atmosphere that adds a touch of rustic to your living room.

Minimal Masterpiece

On the other hand, if clutter isn't up your alley a more minimal look could be for you, with one key centerpiece that attracts the eye and takes the weight off every corner of the room. From a vintage chess board on the coffee table to a life-sized realistic, fake olive tree, you can go as big as you want with your center masterpiece. 

Rough Rugs

Subtle colors and frayed edges in a rug bring the whole room together, bringing out a pop of vintage. 

Brick and Stone

Detailing is key to having a proper rustic atmosphere. Raw materials like brick, stone, and even marble can help you achieve the rustic look without straying too far into cabin or boat furniture.

Fire it up 

A brick fireplace, fake or real, is the epitome of rustic living. 

Walk the Plank

Wide wooden plank flooring, paired with high ceiling beams, can transform any living room into a true rustic haven.