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Transform your Bathroom – The Power of the Walk-In Shower

It's been said that the age of bathtub supremacy is over, and for good reason - gone are the days of clambering into a tub! For those who take their showering seriously, walk-in showers add a touch of class that will transform a modern bathroom. Whether you're after easy accessibility, need to maximize space in your shoebox-sized bathroom, or simply want the elegance of a sleek, 21st century shower - there is something for everyone...

For the Functionalist

For those that want functionality for all the family (especially on a budget), walk-in showers offer a solution suitable for teenagers and grandparents alike. Even a four inch shower curb can be a hindrance for the older generation but contemporary curb-less walk-in shower will be suited for all members of the family.

Not only that, a walk in shower abolishes the need to clean that pesky shower curtain, which is surely a thing of the past. Moldy shower curtains might have been standard in your college days, but they certainly aren’t a feature that will impress your guests. Fewer corners for grime to build up or water to pool means cleaning your shower is one less thing on the to-do list. There is nothing glamorous about the elbow bruising which comes with regular scrubbing – make it a thing of the past!

For The Space Maximizer

When it comes to expanding the utility of a smaller bathroom, you’re in the right place. This is because a walk-in shower makes uses of the walls of your bathroom themselves, squeezing every possible inch out of your corners and alcoves in order to give the illusion of roominess. 

There are a range of possibilities – a neo-angled base can capture an awkward corner whilst maximizing the shower-area, whilst even a simple rectangular base can creatively incorporate the architectural anomalies of your house. Coupled with bright colored walls, well placed mirrors and natural lighting, a walk in shower can give you room you never knew was there.

For The Style Guru

The walk-in shower has become the symbol of a modern bathroom. With no clunky rails and often frameless, there are next to no bathrooms in which they will look out of place. This means whatever the décor or design of your salle de bains, a sleek and transparent walk-in shower will not look distracting or out of place. For the aspiring interior designer, the challenge is no longer to find a shower that will look compatible with your bathroom – it is simply a case of putting the finishing touch on contemporary, minimalist or industrial theme of your ultimate bathroom. 

A walk-in shower can transform your bathroom. Rather than standing out, it fits in – regardless of the space you have, the style you want or the accessibility you need. Features like custom shaped trays can help fill that awkward corner. Sleek glass panels will compliment almost any décor. And you can wave goodbye to that moldy shower curtain – once and for all!