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Top Kitchen Island Designs Explored

So you’ve been yearning for a kitchen island for some time and are now ready to make that big purchase? Before taking that leap, consider the reasons you want a kitchen island.

Although it’s a rapidly growing trend to have this middle-of-the-room kitchen work station, where all the culinary action happens, the last thing you want is to bump into an island that serves no purpose. So, if you have that burning desire to have an island but still unsure of the suitability, here’s a quick guide, showcasing different designs.

Breakfast Bar

If your kitchen is the main place for socialising - or you’re trying to congregate family members who usually have their meals in separate rooms - having the breakfast bar as an island is a no brainer!

Although the seating options vary in design, you may want to consider having chairs or benches rather than stools if you’re going to entertain friends or family for hours on end.

If you’re really limited on kitchen space, don’t despair - opting for a potable design enables you to move the breakfast bar to a corner once you’re done.  

Storage Island

To take away the strain of those overfilled cupboards, having a kitchen island with ample of storage is your best solution.

If you’re considering installing a stove with your island, use the shelves to rehouse those frequently-used pots and pans.

This is just one of any examples of utilising storage. You can also shelve away your extensive collection of cookery books, selection of wines or even just display a fine piece of pottery you’ve been longing to show off. The possibilities are endless!

Island with Sink

Running out of kitchen space? Installing a sink in the island may not be a bad idea – and it’ll save you time and headache of rearranging the layout. If you have space to play with, consider using the surface for food preparation to improve the kitchen’s workflow.

The idea of having a sink in the centrepiece will make some cringe with terror as a pile up of dirty dishes are on show… but it’s a great way of re-training yourself (and messy family members) to clean up!

Still not convinced? Maybe the next option will tickle your fancy.

One more thing…

Now you have some idea of your dream kitchen island, the next point to consider is the countertop’s composition. If you’re going to use the island mainly for food prepping, it’s best to go a for marble or granite surface to prevent unsightly scratches. If used for entertainment, a wood surface might be deal for that rustic finish!