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To Maximize Your Running Capability, You Need a Perfect Set of Running Shoes

Running is a terrific form of exercise. You can do it almost anywhere. There are great tracks to run on, but most people prefer to do it outside. Running is an excellent aerobic workout that is great for your heart.

While some runners want a particular type of shoe for running that matches the surface that they usually run on, most want a more generalized running shoe. All running shoes should provide good support for the feet and ankles. Good running shoes offer enough flexibility that the runner can easily carry through with their complete foot motion. These shoes should also provide breathability and help whisk moisture away from the foot, which is key to avoiding blisters. The best running shoes also need to have excellent traction as tripping and falling because losing your footing is no fun. Consider reflective shoes if you often run in the early morning hours or at night on or near busy roads. Keeping all these different criteria in mind, you will want to consider these running shoes.

1 - Gel-Venture 7 by ASICS

Men who want many different choices in color will want to think about these running shoes. They feature a patented support system allowing them to absorb shock when your heel hits the ground while being flexible enough to allow your foot to move forward smoothly quickly. The built-in footliner is exceptionally breathable while helping to protect your foot while running. This shoe’s flexibility makes it a great choice to wear on your daily run.

2 - 481 V3 Trail Running Shoe by New Balance

The sturdy rubber sole on these shoes makes them an excellent option for people who love to go trail running. The traction on these shoes also does a great job on other surfaces that you may encounter before or after your run. Many people report loving these shoes because of their extremely flexible midsole. These shoes come with a soft insert so that they absorb your foot shock even better. You can find many different color combinations.

3 - Lite Racer Adapt 3.0 Running Shoe from Adidas

Slip-on running shoes can be very convenient, and if you love them, then think about this shoe that comes in many different colors may be perfect for you. The special material, called Cloudfoam, in the middle of this shoe makes them ultra-comfortable. The large heel tab makes them even easier to slide into so that you can quickly get on your way. The faux laces help the shoe hug your foot like a glove. The mesh upper allows air movement helping to keep your feet dry even if you are running a marathon.

4 - Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe by Under Armour

These running shoes for men have the perfect balance of comfort and flexibility to make them feel very comfortable on your feet. You are sure to love their three-color mesh upper that makes them very attractive while keeping them breathable. Eliminate any concern about the upper separating from the sole with these shoes because they have an exceptionally durable leather overlay. The compression-molded foam in this shoe’s middle helps you run even faster by helping to propel your foot forward.

5 - Adrenaline GTS 21 by Brooks

If you find that your running shoes wear out fast, this shoe may be the perfect option for you because it has a combination mesh and synthetic upper. While the mesh helps keep the shoe comfortable by allowing moisture and hot air to escape from around your foot, the addition of a soft synthetic fiber helps these shoes be more durable. These shoes have a special attached pad right above the sole designed to absorb shock so that your feet will not be as tired at the end of your run, and there is less danger of injury. These shoes offer a patented system designed to hold your foot in place in the shoe, which may help reduce damage to your knees.