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The Centerpiece That Will Make Your Table POP!

The one thing about decorating your home is that it’s never ending. There is always something more you can do or something you get bored of and want to replace. 

It’s not exactly a feasible choice to keep the mindset of “out with the old and in with the new,” you’ll end up spending hundreds of dollars over the years just to switch things up a little. 

That’s where our friend DIY comes in. You don’t need to make a trip to the store to buy brand new items. All you have to do is either have a look at what you already have, or buy cheap things that you can dress up to look like they cost a lot more. 

So, shall we get going? 

DIY Rope Centerpiece

Are you looking at your dining table or coffee table, thinking it looks a little bare? 

Well, all you’ll need to get it looking dressed is: 

  • An old plate or a new one
  • Rope
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors

How it’s done: 

Image Credit: YouTube

Start from the outside of the plate and work inwards. Apply little spots of glue on the outer rim of the plate, and slowly put the rope on the glue. This part is the hardest because you’re trying to line the rope to the rim of the plate. 

Image Credit: YouTube

Keep on going until you reach the center of the plate, once you get there, cut the rope and glue it into the center. 

Now, you have your centerpiece plate, but there something missing, what could it be? 

Image Credit: YouTube

Click next and find out! 

DIY Metallic Vases 

You’ll need some color added to your centerpiece and what better way to bring it to life than a vase with some flowers? 

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • An old vase or a new one
  • Masking Tape (it’s easy to take off and doesn’t leave marks)
  • Bag or newspaper
  • Metallic spray, or any spray paint you like
  • Fresh or fake flowers 

How it’s done: 

Image Credit: YouTube

If you want a design on your vase, then go ahead and block off the parts you don’t want spray painted. You could go for a half and half look, or strips or whatever you like. 

Image Credit: YouTube

If you’re doing the half and half, cover the part you don’t want to be colored with a bag, or your newspaper. 

Image Credit: YouTube

We suggest you take it outside to spray paint; the smell could irritate you. Spray paint your vase, but remember to keep a distance while you're spraying. Otherwise, your vase will look uneven. 

Image Credit: YouTube

Let it dry for about 5 hours. Then bring your vases in, and add your flowers. 

Image Credit: YouTube

And there you have it a brilliant centerpiece for your lucky dining table or coffee table!