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These Forms Make Human Resources Easier

It can be difficult to be a member of human resources. The interweavings of a company and the handling of various aspects of it can make it a high pressure job. This is interesting considering it’s the job of the human resources department to make people feel like they’re not under too much pressure.

One way to make things easier for human resources is to create forms which will allow them to perform their duties quicker. These form letters and templates allow human resources to save some time and effort. It’s important to know that employees do appreciate a personal touch, so forms should be filled or altered as needed.

Resignation Sample Letter

This is one letter than typically gets sent to human resources more than sent by them. However, they will likely have a form to assist people who may be leaving. A good resignation letter should look something like this:


Address Line 1

Address Line 2


Email Address


Company Name

Company Address Line 1

Company Address Line 2

Dear _______

Please know that this letter is a notification of my intention to leave my position with company/business on date.

I appreciate all that the company/business has provided to me during my time. If I can assist in any way during this time of change, please inform me.


Name - Signature

This letter should be altered for people who are offering up two weeks notice or who are just on a contract. The basic concepts of professionalism and politeness should remain.

Candidate Rejection Letter Sample

The candidate rejection letter is a difficult letter to send out to people. People who are applying for jobs often need them, and saying no to them can be hard. It’s important to be respectful and professional while rejecting a candidate. Also make sure that you can alter it based on how far their candidacy ran.

Name of Candidate

Candidate’s Address


Dear Name of Candidate

As you know, you were one of many people interviewed for the position of Job Title. At this point we have offered the position to another candidate. Unfortunately this means that you have not been selected for the position.

Thank you for applying and joining us in the interview process. It was a joy to meet you and discuss the position. We hope you will feel free to apply for other positions you qualify for in the future.

We wish you success in your job search and other plans in the future. Your interest in our organization is appreciated.


Name - Signature

Sample Employee Recognition Letter

When employees do something right, it’s nice for them to get some formal recognition. This can come in the form of something simple like a letter of recognition. This may also come with some form of bonus or company points which lead to bonuses. Some people may go formal with these letters, however, semi-formal is typically the best received of all potential letters.

Dear Name

The company just wished you to know how much we appreciate your recent assistance. This section is filled with the specific information in regards to the good things the employee has recently completed. The section should include the positive effects that the company has received from the work of the employee.

The second section here should include how the work will affect and improve things for customers or clients.  Any special recognition or compliments that came from them should also be included in here.

Without your efforts, this business would not be in the place it is at.

Thank You For Everything You Do,



Letter of Reprimand Sample

As the reverse of a letter of recognition is a letter of reprimand. Sometimes, employees simply aren’t performing to a level they should be. Formal letters of reprimand are often a step towards termination. Some employees turn it around, while others do not. What follows is an example:

To: Name

From: HR Representative Name


Letter of Reprimand

Please note that this is an official reprimand due to your recent failure to perform your position to the level of satisfaction that is required. As of now, you are not meeting the sales targets set forward in your contract.

This letter of reprimand will be placed upon your file as the severity of the breaches justify disciplinary action. Please note that lack of improvement or other infractions may result in additional discipline or potential termination.

A copy of this letter will be placed in your personnel file.