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These Clothing Subscription Boxes Will Help You Update Your Look

Everyone wears clothing. If you’re part of society, your choice in clothing is an expression of who you are as a person. While you should never let people’s opinions of your clothing matter, it still feels good when people like the way you are dressed. You can make a wonderful statement to the world about who you are.

Arguably the biggest problem is shopping or a great look. It takes a long time to find the perfect outfit. Mixing together the perfect outfit to match your style requires a good eye. Unfortunately, not everyone has a good eye for fashion. That’s where subscription boxes come into play. With some simple questions and answers, it’s possible to have perfectly curated and fitting clothing sent to you with no need to spend hours looking for it! Subscription boxes are the perfect answer for people who don’t shop well for their look. 

1 - Trunk Club

Trunk Club is actually run through Nordstrom and is their personalized styling option. You fill out a survey to help them understand your personal style, as well as the price range you have to work in. What’s more, you can also directly connect to your personal stylist through online chat, email or a phone call. Each trunk you receive has a $25 fee. If you have a Nordstrom credit card, that fee is waived. They’ll also price match for items if you can find them elsewhere for less. Unlike other services, you get to see what’s coming in the box before it arrives. 

2 - Le Tote

Le Tote is perfect for those who like to wear something a few times before moving on. Le Tote technically starts as a rental service. You can get 8,10, or 15 items each month. Prices can go up to $120, but is costs less if accessories aren’t included. You can keep the items as long as you’d like, but then return them when you’re done with them. When you do, you get new items. You can also buy the items outright if you truly love them. You get a discount in these cases. If you get a box you truly love and buy every item, then your next month’s subscription capsule is going to be free. 

3 - Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix will send you a wonderful curated selection of clothing tailored to your style. It costs $20 in order to get each box. The good news is, as soon as you choose to buy and keep something from the box, that $20 is taken off the price of the article of clothing. One great thing about Stitch Fix is that it works for men, women and children as well! Each box has five items in it. While you don’t need to keep them all, you do receive a discount if you choose to keep all five of them. Anything you don’t like is returned free of charge, so there’s really a minimal investment to try things out. 

4 - Frank and Oak

This is an incredibly popular styling bex for men, though women enjoy it as well. Each box does have a $25.00 styling fee. As long as you keep and buy one item from the box, that styling fee is deducted from the cost of the item. Unlike some other orders, this box only sends you three clothing items each time, so they try to pick ones that are definitely going to be loved. Return costs are free, so you never have to feel obligated to purchase an item you might not want. 

5 - Fabletics

This is probably the most popular athleisure clothing subscription box that has been created. Fabletics is kind of great because there’s no monthly fee. You simply pay for what you want to buy. There’s one small catch. If you don’t buy anything for five months in a row, there’s a $50 charge. However, that actually saves up as store credit, so once you buy something, that goes directly to the cost, so there’s no real disadvantage as long as you’re going to get something eventually!