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These 7 Healthy Snacks Are Perfect for Kids

Are you struggling to get your children to eat healthily? Do they complain that their friends always bring cookies and candy to school in their lunch and beg you for sugary delights nonstop? If your kids are fighting with you tooth and nail at the grocery store to buy unhealthy, processed snacks, it may be time to rethink snack time. Kids are attracted to the fun characters and bright packaging on cookies, chips, and sugary cereals. If they see their friends eating junk, they are going to feel left out when they are munching on bland veggies and fruit. Of course, you know that fruits, veggies, and healthy proteins are much better for them than any processed snack, but how do you get your kids to enjoy eating healthy? It's all about presentation. Here are seven unique ways to upgrade your kids' fruits and veggies; they are certain to help your kids enjoy eating healthy.

1 - Star-Shaped Fruit Kabobs

Reminiscent of the popsicle, your kids won't mind eating off of a stick. This sweet treat is very simple; all you have to do is pick out a few types of fruit, cut them up into stars, and skewer them. You've got an instant, kid-friendly snack that will satisfy their sweet tooth and nourish their bodies. Popular fruits to use are melons and pineapples. You can add interest and extra nutrients by alternating the star shapes with grapes of blueberries. These are a perfect summertime snack when plenty of fruits are in season.

2 -  Ants on a Log

This strange combination of peanut butter, raisins, and celery is a classic favorite. The raisins add healthy sweetness, the peanut butter provides protein, and the celery provides vitamins. It's a quick and inexpensive snack that tastes as good as it looks. Simply cut up some celery and fill the hollow part with your kids' favorite peanut butter. Place a few raisins on top and serve. Your kids will really enjoy the crunchiness of the celery combined with creamy peanut butter.

3 - Animal Pita with Hummus or Salsa

Replace animal crackers with healthy pita crackers and a yummy dip! If your kids love animal shaped foods, this is a fantastic alternative to sugary, processed animal crackers. Get a few animal cookie cutters and some soft pita bread. Cut out the shapes and then bake the bread into crackers. You can add a special seasoning or leave them plain. Pita tastes best when served with fresh hummus, but you can serve it with corn and tomato salsa if you want to sneak in extra veggies. This makes a great gameday alternative to chips and dip if your kids like watching sports with you.

4 - Hard-Boiled Hamsters

This protein-rich snack is satisfying and super cute! All you have to do is hard boil a few eggs and cut them in half. Use radish slices to create the ears and black olives for the eyes. If you want to make hard-boiled mice, simply add a wedge of swiss cheese on the side. Your kids won't care if their friends bring colorful candy to school when they've got these cute culinary creations in their lunch! This snack is perfect after school while your child is doing homework because it isn't messy. There will be no cracker crumbs or cheese dust on their textbook to worry about!

5 -  Fresh Vegetable Flowers

Have a veggie extravaganza by creating flowers out of food. This is a surefire way to get your kids to eat a variety of vegetables. You can cut up and arrange carrots, peppers, spinach, broccoli, celery, cauliflower, cucumbers, tomatoes, and many more vitamin-rich veggies to create interesting floral shapes. This is a great snack that allows you to introduce your kids to new vegetables in a fun way that they won't protest. You can arrange everything before they get home from school; when they see all of the bright colors and shapes, they will want to dig in immediately.

6 - Yogurt Pops

Do you struggle to get your kids to eat yogurt? Trick them into eating it by turning into a popsicle! This makes a great treat for a hot summer's day. Yogurt pops are fruity and sweet, but more healthy than typical, artificially-colored popsicles. Your kids will think it's dessert, but they will be getting protein, calcium, and active cultures to help their digestive system.

7 - Fruit Smoothies

Colorful and loaded with vitamins, homemade fruit smoothies allow you to pack a variety of fruits and veggies into one delicious drink. Most kids don't mind eating fruit because it is sweet. If you have trouble getting them to eat veggies, you can sneak just about any vegetable into a fruit smoothie without them tasting it. There are countless fruit smoothie recipes available. It’s best to opt for recipes that don't call for added sweeteners.