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There's More Travel App Options Than People Realize

Travel has become a common source of leisure for many, and thanks to technology, travel experiences have been made easier. Whether you want to go on a budget, to travel longer distances, or to get more convenience out of travel, there is always an app. However, some of them are poorly developed and will only underdeliver and give you a headache while at it. For those who want to start traveling, there are a myriad of apps that can make your travel experience bigger, better, and easier. This article will focus on several of the different travel apps that work fantastically. Some of the obvious big names are absent merely because they have certainly reached critical brand recognition and everyone is aware of the benefits of them. 

1 - AirHelp

If you have ever missed a flight or had it canceled, you understand the pain of falling behind in plans and losing money. While little can be done to work around the former, AirHelp is here to help with the latter. The app helps you get help when you miss a seat due to cancellation or overbooking. All you have to do is enter your details and the company will take care of it. It saves you the hassle of personally following up with an airline, a process that could take ages and cause frustration.

2 - CouchSurfing

Accommodation is one of the main costs incurred during travel. However, if you are planning to save up on some money and mingle with the locals, here is an app you could use. Usually you’re not actually sleeping on a couch, but you can if you want in some cases. 

This app provides free accommodation by connecting travelers to people willing to host them. This provides an opportunity to talk with the local people, possibly explore some local food and hang out. If the people hosting you are not up to hanging out, you can click on the hangout part of the app to join a hangout group.

3 - OpenRice

Some apps are better suited for specific regions, like this one. OpenRice is an app that works similarly to Yelp but is specific to Asia. With a large continent and many islands to explore, you need an app that will get you trusted reviews of eateries, hotels, and other institutions for a more immersive experience. From Hong Kong to Singapore, you can access menus, prices, booking information, and more at the convenience of your cell phone.

4 - SkyScanner

One important bit of travel is planning the flights. Skyscanner is a gem when looking for the cheapest flights. With a scanner that runs millions of short and long-haul flights, the app alerts you when the cheapest or easiest routes become available. The app can allow you to book days or months in advance for better rates. The app has also added rental cars into their services so you can rent in advance too.

5 - LoungeBuddy

Travelling can be quite tiresome especially when you are traveling on a budget and have long layovers. During the layovers, lack of business class tickets can keep you from accessing all the fun stuff in lounges. With LoungeBuddy however, you can say goodbye to sleeping out your layovers. After signing up and entering your details, the app directs you to lounges you have access to in various airports around the world.

6 - HotelTonight

Arriving late, overstaying at a destination and even overbooking are some of the problems that plague travelers. HotelTonight is an app that helps travelers get some great discounts on hotels all over the world. You can filter based on cities or price ranges. The app also allows you to read up on other reviews left by travelers so you can decide whether it is worth your dime or not. The customer service is available throughout so you can always call up when stuck and someone will help you.

7 - Detour

When traveling to the big cities around the world, arranged tours with professional tour guides can cost you some money you might not have budgeted for. With Detour, you can take the tour at no extra charges. The app currently serves 17 cities which include Paris, New York, Marrakech, Berlin, and Rome. The tours are audio-guided walks that are narrated by a local with a deep understanding of the city.

8 - Trail Wallet

Tracking your expenses helps you understand where your money goes. Trail Wallet lets you scan receipts and add expenses so you can track what you spend while traveling. By understanding where your money is spent, you can be able to spend responsibly or save up for a trip. You can then organize your money by setting up a budget before and while on a trip.