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There Are Far More Items That Can Be Recycled Than You Realize

This article will discuss some things that can be recycled that most people wouldn't even consider. We all know that glass and plastic bottles can be recycled. It's the same for cans and cardboard. We know that we can recycle a lot of glass items. We put those things into marked containers and bins. We set them out by the curbside for our recycler to pick them up. There are a lot of things that can be recycled that most people don't know anything about. A lot of them are right at home, sitting out there in the open. We would usually throw them out without even realizing that they can be recycled. There are items like crayons, cell phones, VHS Tapes, and other things can also be recycled. Recycled items help the environment. They can find new lives as other plastics. They can be re-issued as floor tiles. They can even find new lives by being refurbished. Here are some things that can be recycled that most people won't even consider. 

1 - Crayons

There's a "National Crayon Recycling Program" in Colorado that collects old, broken, used crayons. They remanufacture these crayons into new ones that can be used by children. The "Crayon Initiative" in California sends these recycled crayons to children's hospitals. They take crayons from restaurants and schools. They melt them down and remanufacture them as new crayons. Crayons are not biodegradable. When they are thrown out, they fill up landfills that become a blight on the environment. Don't throw them out. Recycle them instead.

2 - Cell Phones.

You may be helping victims of domestic violence when you recycle old cell phones. The "Cellular Recycler" refurbishes old cell phones. They feel that they can help businesses and other organizations when they refurbish those old cell phones and put them up for sale. Some of the proceeds that they get are donated to the "National Coalition Against Domestic Violence." The programs that are offered by this National Coalition help people who have been able to survive domestic violence.

Recycled cell phones can also help veterans and people serving on active duty via "Cell Phones For Soldiers." This organization provides communication services and other funding for people who are either on active duty or are veterans who served in the United States Military.

3 - VHS Cassettes

A company called "Green Disk" will take the VHS tapes that are no longer wanted. They take them apart and then they turn them into several other things. They consider VHS tapes to be "technotrash" and will use them in the manufacturing of such things as items related to packaging. These video tapes can be used to make new CD and DVD cases. The company also makes new re-writable CDs as well.

4 - Batteries

A lot of retailers accept old batteries. There is something called "Call2Recycle". They offer several locations where it's possible to drop off old batteries. The retail locations include Lowes, Staples, and Home Depot. They can take old batteries and use them as parts of new products such as silverware, pans, pots, golf clubs, and - of course - new batteries. Call2Recycle offers a chance for batteries to get a second life by being reused as something else that is likewise useful to people.

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are many other things that can be recycled, and most of them are just sitting around the house. Instead of tossing it into the trash, it might be worthwhile to consider whether or not it can be recycled through a program.