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The Right Use of Accent Chairs Can Improve Home Décor

Accent chairs can dominate a room and transform it excellently. They are like a great painting on the wall empowering a room and giving it a subtle presence. An accent chair comes in various shapes, sizes, materials, and textures. Therefore, one should consider them first. Accent chairs have the benefit to being a great piece of decor, but also being able to serve a purpose when seating is required. Homeowners should select an accent chair that fits their preference, theme, and style. One can always place an accent chair anywhere in the house. It can be on the patio, bedroom, living room, or hallway. This article aims to assist everyone in how to pick a suitable accent chair for their home that they will love. 

What is an Accent Chair?

An accent chair is a piece of furniture that provides additional seating in a room. It is usually a standalone piece that brings out other features in a room, such as color and variance. In most cases, it is a great focal point in the house with many rooms. An accent chair can serve various purposes. For instance, it can be a space for communicating with guests, a cozy place to read a book or watch a movie.

Moreover, it can be a decorative piece that stands out from the standard seating. However, most accent chairs are used in interior design to emphasize a difference within a room, thereby enhancing the décor. They are used as a coherence factor to bring together the shape, color, and material.

Accent chairs are also known as occasional chairs and come in diverse shapes. They can be in the form of tub chairs, lounge chairs, or wingback chairs. The manufacturer uses a range of materials that includes upholstery fabrics, wood, and metal.

Styles of Accent Chairs:

Before the accent chair is purchased, the premise owner should discover the style that will complement the décor. They can decide to go for a traditional or trendy design. It comes in diverse design styles that include the coastal, French country, Parisian accent chair, and others. Various people also opt for a wingback or a club chair. There are over 20 choices that exist. The decision of the style that is purchased is usually personal. However, the following factors act as guidelines:

  • Buyers should buy a chair that works with their color palette.
  • Designers should select a chair with a similar proportion and scale with the other furniture in the room.
  • A comfortable chair that is inviting and meets various needs is ideal.

How to Decorate Your Living Room with Accent Chairs:

In most homes, the living room is vital because of the guests who visit here. It is an integral part of the house that should project the personality of the homeowner. Therefore, it is essential to choose an accent chair that completes the room, achieves a friendly atmosphere, and equips the living room space. Every item in the room should complement one another, and one has to consider several factors to achieve this cohesion. Here are a few tips that one should use when decorating a living room with an accent chair.

  1. Be bold with the color - Color is usually the first thing to consider when selecting an accent chair. It should be a hue that stands out or one that blends with the scheme of the room. Always ensure that the background is neutral to avoid a messy and chaotic look.
  2. Choose the accessorizing items carefully - If the homeowner selects a classic look, they must know what to add to the accent chair to make it comfortable. Additionally, it should be accessorized with a neutral rug, throw pillows, or colorful art. One can also opt for a plant, garden stool, or a basket of books.
  3. Identify the purpose - The homeowner should identify the purpose of the chair. Consequently, the choice of a fabric that matches its use ensures that it has a sturdy construction and does not wear out.

In a nutshell, an accent chair is supposed to be a comfortable chair that compliments any room. The factors discussed in this article are vital when selecting an accent chair that is suitable for any living room. All homeowners should let the accent chair bring out their personality and interior décor.