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The Right Pajamas Make Sleep More Comfortable

There is arguably nothing more important to a person’s mood in the morning than a great night’s sleep. That sleep is made up of a number of factors. A good mattress is important. A pillow that’s supportive but comfortable matters. There’s plenty of health factors that can play a role. One that’s often overlooked is how comfortable pajamas are. 

Pajamas have evolved more than people realize. Men’s pajamas have switched away from loose drawstring items. Women’s pajamas have evolved and feature a large number of different styles. Honestly, the term mens and womens pajamas only refer to who commonly wears them. If a style that listed for one works for the other, all the power to it! Just find some pajamas that are perfectly comfortable for you! 

Popular Men’s Pajama Styles

Men don’t always love pajamas. Many of them prefer to just wear a t shirt, a pair of underwear, some combination of those items, or nothing! However, there’s still plenty of great pajamas for the remainder of men who like pajamas. Some great options include: 

  • Two Piece Garments - When someone wants to look somewhat formal, but want to sleep in it, the two piece garment is the way to go. The shirts may have collars and pockets. The pants can have drawstrings or elastics. Some may have a fly. They can be monogrammed. 
  • Nightshirt - The night shirt is definitely a classic option. Many people think of this as the “Ebenezer Scrooge” style of pajamas. This form of pajamas should go past your knees with the single opening. The buttons at the top allow you to choose different neck tightness. Nightshirts are lightweight and usually made from linen or cotton. 
  • Modern Pajamas - Modern pajamas are a more proper take on the concept of t shirt and underwear. They may be a bit more substantial, but they stay with light materials. 

Popular Women’s Pajama Styles

Women’s pajamas feature a wide variety of styles and comfort levels. Womens pajamas also may feature more beautiful and adult styles than men’s pajamas tend to do. In the end, women should always choose whatever they feel great wearing! Some of the best options include: 

  • Onesies - Onesies can be completely cute and adorable. A good onesie is great in the winter as it’s one of the warmest kind of pajamas you can get. Onesides can have full foot coverings and become “feetie pajamas”. Onesies can have a flap on the behind so that there’s no need to try to talk off the whole pajamas when you need to hit the washroom at night! 
  • Robes and Kimonos - Robes aren’t always worn during actual sleep, but are often worn to the bed and in the area. Kimonos are made of a very thin material, often made of satin or silk. They can often be worn as pajamas, and are usually worn over some kind of comfortable form of pajamas. 
  • Adult Pajama Forms - The word lingerie makes a lot of women think of terribly uncomfortable underwear with 14 different clasps holding together a series of pulleys that required several engineers to develop. But really, lingerie is simply whatever helps a woman feel confident! A simple camisole or a nice pair of shorts for your pajamas. It really is all about confidence, and not about what’s just revealing!