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The Right Dolls Become More Collectible By the Year

To a doll collector, there is nothing better than a second hand or antique store for a day of shopping. Finding that needle in a haystack can be worth thousands of dollars. Remember the old Charmin Chatty Cathy dolls from Mattel? What about Thumbelina, Tiny Tears, Patti Playpal or the Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls? All these precious dollies have become part of history.

Taking a stroll down memory lane can be lucrative, especially to those who held onto their toys. These dolls prove one thing; hanging onto your babies is like putting money in the bank. Have you considered what the dolls of today with be worth tomorrow? Just think of the small gold mine you could have if you kept your toys in great shape and tucked away for safekeeping. Little girls don’t even begin to understand how rewarding and fun collecting dolls can be.

Popular Dolls of Today

Dolls have drastically changed over the past three decades. Girls now prefer their dollies to look like real babies. While they are enthralled with the ones that can talk, use the restroom, and have 100 outfits to change into, it’s the realism that drives today’s purchases. No one wants a "cookie cutter doll," they want something unique. Part of playing with dolls is pretending to have a “real” baby, and children aren’t the only ones interested.

Silicone reborn babes are used in therapy for people who have lost an infant yet desire to have one close. They are also commonplace in nursing homes where grandmothers need the friendship and to feel needed again. They are hard to distinguish from a child. With long eyelashes, a blushed brow, fingers and toes you can grip, and anatomically correct features, no wonder people are fascinated with these beauties.

Silicone Dolls

To the avid collector of the 21st century, investing in silicone dolls seems wise. Silicone is resistant, and the vinyl allows the baby to be formed in a mold that is very “life-like.” You can’t get such detail with composition materials. Making one of these dolls takes time-consuming, detailed work, and many love that they can be customized according to preference too.

A newborn baby isn’t the same as an inexpensive plastic doll from the local department store, but those babies aren’t built to last 20 or 30 years from now either. Think of what these reborn beauties will be worth in twenty years? Remember the older dolls and their unusual skin? Dolls made during the 1930s through the 1960s were from a composition material, and most had mohair. These materials prove that they don’t hold up as good as one would like. Composition is known for crazing, and once it's damaged, restoration is a lengthy and expensive process. Still, even with help from a professional, there is no guarantee that dolly will ever be the same. With silicone, there are no worries of crazing and strings coming off arms and legs. They are made for durability.

Doll Values

Do you ever wonder how much the dolls you owned as a child are worth? Well, if you are so lucky as to have the Stefano Canturi Barbie, then you can reap the rewards of over $300,000. The original Barbie with her stunning black and white swimsuit can fetch upwards of $20,000, and the De Beers 40th Anniversary Barbie is worth a whopping $87,000. Anyone who collected Barbie should dust off their collection have it appraised and insured.

Do you remember the Cabbage Patch Kids and all the hype surrounding these dolls? Well, you can find them all over the place from the online auction sites to antique stores. If you want to start collecting, you better be willing to shell out some money. The most valuable are the ones that have the cloth head and bodies. Xavier Roberts made them before Coleco got involved. These dolls can demand $10,000 on the marketplace. Of course, they are hand signed by Roberts and don’t have the generic stamp used when they went to mass production. Still, some of the dolls can bring in a few thousand dollars just because they have teeth or a particular color hair with freckles.

Who can forget the beautiful Ideal Shirley Temple dolls? Though many companies made these realistic recreations in the height of her career, Ideal is the one that has appreciated. These cuties can demand around $500 today. The 1934 Shirley came with flirty eyes and composition skin. If you have one of these lovely keepsakes, then it is worth hanging onto. Also, you must be careful because many fakes and copies are on the market. The original was marked Shirley Temple on the back of the head with the Ideal logo. Most replicas don’t have any stamps to identify them.

The Wonderful World of Doll Collecting

There have been many hits and misses when it comes to dolls. However, the reborn craze seems like it’s here to stay. Thankfully, since the babies are made with good materials, it looks like they will last for decades to come. It’s worth spending a little bit more to get a customized creation that is display quality. Doll collecting is one of the best hobbies around, and there’s nothing better than pulling out a trunk full of collectibles from yesteryear for this generation to enjoy.