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The Most Sought After Air Jordans Are Art for the Feet

Air Jordan has become one of the most popular shoes in the entire world. It's also known for being the most expensive and hard to get. It remains a hit among basketball fans and sneakerheads. Back in the early 90s, everybody wanted to be like Michael Jordan which is how this shoe got its name.

Air Jordan has revolutionized itself into a brand that's associated with the younger generation. Countless young celebrities, models, socialites, and hip-hop stars have been seen rocking a pair on the streets of New York and Los Angeles. It seems like everyone wants to get their hands on a pair.

Air Jordans are more than just a pair of basketball sneakers. It has become a fashion staple and status symbol that everyone wants to own. It may be more expensive than other shoe brands, with some costing thousands of dollars. Original Air Jordans are sold at a smaller amount, so the owner can afford the newer versions or vintage ones. Here are the most artistic and expensive pairs you'll ever find.

1 - Air Jordan 12

This sneaker is commonly known as the Flu Shoe. It's one of the most expensive pairs of Air Jordans on this list, topping out at $140,000. The Chicago Bulls made these shoes popular when they played against the Utah Jazz at the 1997 NBA Finals.

This shoe got its name since Michael Johnson was exhibiting symptoms from the flu, and theoretically should have played as well as he usually does. That didn't stop him from taking his team to victory. These sneakers are red and black and are made in premium leather.

2 - Air Jordan XI

The Air Jordan XI is the next best sneaker on this list. It looks like art on the foot because it's so refined and elegant. It's also the first pair of Air Jordans to feature patent leather. Many sneaker freaks would say that these are the classiest sneakers they ever owned.

These sneakers were also worn by Jordan when he returned from his surprise retirement. The Air Jordan XI looks simple from afar, but it's beautiful up close. It features elegant lines, a hint of shine, and stylish elements. Sneaker collectors and basketball fans agree that this is one of the best-looking Air Jordans they've ever seen.

3 - Air Jordan III

The Air Jordan III is probably one of the most artistic shoes on this list. This is also a favorite of Jordan's. These sneakers were the first pair designed by Tinker Hatfield and introduced the arrival of Mars Blackmon. It featured an elephant trim with tumbled leather for that hint of artistic edge.

These are also the very same sneakers that were the first to feature the signature Jumpman logo and featured the air sole at the heel. The Jumpman logo has been a mainstay on all other Air Jordan sneakers that were released after the Air Jordan III. It's the only way people know that they're wearing official Air Jordans.

4 - Air Jordan 12 OVO

These sneakers are probably one of the most regal ones on this list. These Air Jordans were built in mind with the original Air Jordan OVO but were made available to the public. This shoe is made entirely in white leather and features gold on the sides and the eyelets. The sole is completely translucent, showing the OVO branding. It's one of the few sneakers on this list that features the OVO brand. This shoe is so expensive that it was sold by a woman for $100,000 online. Talk about easy money.

5 - Air Jordan Silver Shoe

The Air Jordan Silver Shoe may be the second most classiest shoe on this list. It's definitely not something you'd see worn on the basketball court. But, it was still a favorite of Jordan's. His wife gave him these sneakers on his 32nd birthday. They've become a rich part of his history.

These sneakers are all decked out in white and sterling silver. They've become a hit with collectors and sneaker freaks alike. Jordan's sneakers were auctioned off at $60,000 with his signature featured on them.

6 - Air Jordan I

The Air Jordan I is the OG Air Jordan. It's the sneaker that started it all. Jordan even wore these shoes to his first-ever NBA game. He literally broke the rules every time he wore them. According to NBA's strict policy, players at the time were forbidden from wearing shoes with the color scheme.

The Air Jordan I clearly featured white, along with dark red and black throughout. These timeless shoes perfectly portrayed the Chicago Bulls' signature colors. Jordan was fined $5,000 for that incident. He forever changed the way that men played and styled themselves on the basketball court.

7 - Air Jordan 2 OG

This pair wasn't as popular as the other ones on this list. That's because it's not styled like a traditional Air Jordan, making them the most artistic. This shoe features an elongated foot and smooth lines. This shoe was made in Italy by designer Bruce Kilgore.

It's also the rarest shoe on this list as the brand didn't release a retro version until 2004. The original shoe has since become hard to find. Follow-up releases were made with the brand experimenting with different colorways.