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Take a Seat: Brilliant Barstool Styles to Complete Your Kitchen

Formal dining settings still have a place in our world, but these days the focus is increasingly on sociable food preparation, family eating and casual get togethers. Because of this, more and more of us are opting for kitchens with bar stools arranged around a central bench or bar area. 

There are almost as many bar stool styles as there are kitchen designs: think adjustable or fixed seat level, with or without backrests or arms, not to mention materials, ranging from perspex to wood and metal to upholstery! 

As well as being easy to wipe down, metal also looks very contemporary and stylish, working well in modern, industrial style or Scandi-aesthetic kitchens, as well as adding another design element to a more traditional space. 

The Tolix stool is a classic; although designed around 80 years ago, it still looks sleekly modern. They come in a variety of heights, with or without backs and in a huge range of colors, which can really make a more neutral kitchen decor pop! Because they’re such an iconic piece, genuine Tolix stools tend to be pricey, around $300 each - but this status means that there also a number of Tolix-inspired designs out there at a fraction of the cost. 

The Emeco Navy stool offers lots of “wow” factor; with its straight front legs and gently curving rear legs, it features back support, so is good option in a kitchen where space and eye line doesn’t require a seat-only stool that can be tucked away. Beware though: the $2800 price tag packs as much of a punch as the design aesthetic  - but again, there are plenty of less expensive versions on the market. 

Wood creates warmth and a natural feel to an interior. Popular brands include American Heritage, which started out in the billiards industry and tends to create a masculine feel in your space, with strong lines, upholstered seats and rich coloring. This is quite an affordable brand, with stools available for under $200 each. Saddle seat styles also work well in wood, with or without upholstering but since these are wider than say, a Tolix-style stool - thanks to their broad, curved, rear-accommodating seat, they are best for large kitchens or ones where you don’t require more than two to four seats. Winsome Wood is a go-to brand for this design, with affordable, sub-$100 pricing reflecting the back to basics design. For a funkier look, try the Polywood range: they’re priced around the $150 mark and with their monochrome frames and huge range of seat colours, they’re perfect for a fun, family-friendly vibe. 

Acrylic and perspex bar stools not only make a bold design statement but, because they’re see-through, they do so in a way that creates an illusion of space - perfect for when square meterage is at a premium. These “ghost” designs are also available in various colors, which can create nice effects when the light shines through them. Check out the Modway Casper range for stylish and contemporary designs along such lines, with prices in the low to mid-hundreds.