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Step Aside, Granite: These 10 Fabulous Trends Are Taking Over Kitchens In 2017

The geometric lantern is a trend you will not want to miss! 

Just as the way to a man's heart is his stomach, the way to a home's heart is its kitchen! That's why having a kitchen that's cozy, inviting kitchen that encourages you to invent delicious treats and try out great recipes is essential to a happy home design.  

Luckily, 2017 has some beautiful, original, and innovative new designs up its sleeve for all the kitchen renovators and new home decorators. 

Read on for this year's hottest kitchen design trends!

1- Marble  

Your kitchen island needs this 'marbleous' trend! 

The marble effect has taken over everything from phone cases and laptop decals to yoga pants and even cake design. What better surface to assemble that cake on? A marble one, of course! 

The best thing about marble is its diversity. You could go for white/gray marble for a minimalist look, or opt for a black or maroon design if you’re kitchen is accented with darker shades. 

10- Hidden Storage  

Who's up for Hide N' Seek? 

Space optimization is has become particularly popular with city dwellers, who are often confined to small interiors due to high rent prices and low area availability. 

Instead of cluttering your surfaces with misplaced spice racks and overflowing plates and mugs, integrate some shelves into your cupboards and Voila! You'll have your storage space doubled in no time!

Will you try any of these hot trends this year?

2- Tile Carpet

Same effect, none of the hassle!  

Tile designs are making a huge comeback this year. The one trend we can’t stop thinking about though is the inlaid tile rug, which adds colorful accents and elegant patterns to your kitchen without overcrowding the overall design.

This is especially useful for heavy duty kitchens. If you spend seven days a week in the kitchen making delicious food for the whole family, then the tile rug is the durable choice you need!

3- Geometric Lanterns

 Give your lighting some lovin'. 

Traditional lamp shades are definitely out this year. But if you don't want to keep your bulbs entirely bare, geometric lanterns are the way to go.  

Copper, brass, or enameled steel geometric "cages" for your bulbs will definitely make your kitchen look modern, without overshadowing any classic surfaces or accents around the room. 

4- Metal Madness

 'Brass' Yourself for golden accents! 

If you're going for a metal geometric lantern, why not marry it to metal handles on your cupboards too? 

Consider yourself in the Golden Age of kitchen design, quite literally! Ditch the standard wooden knobs and go for brass or copper ones instead. We guarantee they will add a special touch to your cabinets. 

5- Gray Undertones  

Haven't you heard? Greige is the new gray. 

monochrome is hot in kitchen design trends in 2017. If you're thinking of renovating, why not give your cabinets a new lick of greige paint?  

If you're not a fan of the recently popularized gray-beige mix, you can play around with gray undertones with any other color your heart desires! Our favorite combos are baby blue or teal mixed in with a drop or two of gray paint.  

6- Black Appliances

Say goodbye to stainless steel! 

Appliances have come a long way from the standard white surface days. Unless you're a proud owner of Smeg appliances, infamous for its pastel-colored machines, you probably own a white or stainless steel fridge, dishwasher, and toaster. 

2017 sees a new direction in color choices when it comes to picking out appliances, and once you go black, you'll never go back! 

7- Pantry Party 

From storage room to bespoke pantry? Yes, Please! 

Not only are pantries incredibly useful in every homeowner's kitchen, it's also as versatile as it gets. 

Don't have a walk in pantry? Convert your unused storage room or ever broom closet into one with a simple Ikea bookshelf! Use your newly converted walk-in pantry to store food, cutlery, or even electric appliances. 

8-  Go Industrial  

Go Scandinavian with the rustic look!  

The rustic look has been reserved for hipster coffeehouses and Williamsburg-type lofts- until now! 

In 2017, the rustic, exposed look is seeping its way into kitchens in all types of homes. Go for a simple exposed brick wall, hanging filament bulb lighting, or reclaimed wood paneling for a touch of the Scandinavian style.  

9- Minimalistic Surface

Who needs the clutter, anyway? 

Minimalism may just be 2017's biggest design trend. Decluttering, downsizing, and optimizing spaces for optimal use is replacing knick knack decorating and unnecessary surface racks and stands. 

 Your minimalist kitchen can go from handleless cupboards and sensor taps to cleared surfaces and integrated appliances into cupboards for a sleek, uncluttered look!