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Starting Home Gyms is Easier with Good Deals

No matter your fitness objective, working out at home is an excellent way to become fit without the cost of a membership. Home gyms are convenient and allow individuals to set them up to their specifications.

Individuals can start small by buying equipment that helps in achieving their fitness goals. People do not need to commute from their homes to the gym, and there is flexibility in the time you can work out. They also enable privacy. 

One can set their own rules and increase the variety of equipment they enjoy using. Depending on the product, quality, and brand, the cost of setting up the gym may vary greatly. However, good deals make it cheaper, which is why most individuals should take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Places with Home Gym Deals

The best places to find home gym deals include:

  • Amazon: There are deals the week before and during Black Friday. It has deals for different brands. 
  • Better Body: The brand has all the essential equipment, including barbells and dumbbells. They offer up to 40% discounts on various products. There is a chance to get a gift card.
  • Bowflex: The company produces all types of gym machines for homes that are versatile.
  • Eleiko: Their products are mostly used for weightlifting. They include bars and plates.
  • Horizon Fitness: It has highly discounted equipment for cardio, such as treadmills.
  • Walmart: It has high discounts on various types of equipment.
  • Lululemon: They offer discounts on men's and women's clothing.
  • REP Fitness: Here, one can save on barbells, plates, and weight benches.
  • Rogue Fitness: Has various types of equipment.
  • Adidas: Offers discounted weightlifting shoes and clothing. 
  • Assault Fitness: It has the best air bikes and runners. 
  • Force USA: Has perfected a wide range of equipment, including squat racks.

Common Items to Start a Home Gym

Fitness goals determine the type of equipment one needs. The common ones include:

  • Barbell: It is vital for weight lifting.
  • Kettlebells: They are versatile as they are used for working out muscles and the heart. One can use them for swings, presses, and many other vital movements in fitness.
  • Dumbbells: These are essential for achieving impossible movement patterns with barbells.They help stabilize muscles.
  • Squat rack: The rack helps one get the barbell into position for lifting.
  • Weight Plates: They are used for weight training. One can use them for squats, press-ups, and side bends.
  • An Adjustable Bench: It allows various exercises to work out specific muscles. 
  • Resistance bands: They help reduce pain and warm up for lifting weights. 
  • Rope: There are jumping and battle ropes. They both help in working out the shoulders, arms, and legs.
  • Gymnastic Rings: Gymnastic rings are used in suspension training. They are key in push ups, rows, and pull-ups during exercise.

Using Black Friday and Cyber Monday to find Good Deals

To find good deals, plan what you want to buy and stick to it. Draft a comprehensive list of products and where you want to buy them. From there, you can take advantage of some additional tips and tricks. Some of these include: 

  • Shop Online - Online shoppers can view various discounted products and free delivery offers. 
  • Use websites and Apps to Shop - To know the good deals, track the prices before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Retailers such as Walmart have apps that one can use to make a good decision. One may add items to their shopping cart to help find the products easily. 
  • Make Use of Loyalty Programs - Stores mostly allow loyal members early access to coupons, sales, and promotions. One can also find out whether the products are in stock. 
  • Follow Sellers on Social Media Platforms - Start a few weeks before Black Friday. One may receive targeted ads for promotions from retailers after following them.
  • Understand Price Matching - Check a seller's Black Friday flyers for exclusions of the day. Use your phone to compare competing retailers for the products you want. It helps in obtaining a product from the best retailer at a lower price. 

Black Friday marks the beginning of the shopping season. Retailers start sharing ads in late October, which increases throughout November. For the best home gym deals, come up with a list of the items you need per your fitness goals. Do some research online on the products and their prices to ensure you get them at the lowest price.