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10 Staples To Decorate Your Home The True Bohemian Way

There’s just something about a truly bohemian home that makes you want to take your shoes off, sit on the floor, and share stories from your journey in life. 

With lots of clashing colors that still go together, varying textures that add depth and character, and furniture that invites you to make yourself at home, boho decor is not just art, it’s a way of life. 

If you’re tired of the cold and bare Scandinavian design and want to add color and life to your home, then these 10 staples in every bohemian home are the perfect place to start:

Patterned Kilim Rug

While you could just as well go for a patterned rug of any other texture, kilim has a very urban, earthy feel to it that really brings in a whole new layer of boho vibes to the room.


The beautiful, gleaming little accessories really add a whole other dimension to any room. Not only are they known for removing negative energies from the rooms, but crystals also give your room a mystical feel. 

A beautiful crystal cluster will always be the center of attention and serve as a great conversation starter.

Now light up those candles, sit on the floor, and get boho!

Colorful Wall Tapestry

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to put up the stereotypical college-bedroom geometric pattern wall tapestry (unless you really want to!)

This time, we’re using wall tapestry in place of a wallpaper. Choose a relatively monotone pattern that uses different shades of the same color or two separate but very similar colors like blue and turquoise.

Be generous with the length- you want it to cover the entire wall! 

Moroccan Floor Cushions

Image Credits - Krighxz

Ah, the floor cushions. Is your living room even boho if you don’t have a couple of these versatile things? 

While we highly recommend earthy, handmade floor cushions, you can go in the direction of floor poufs which have a similarly bohemian look and feel to them. Just don’t go for lazy beanbags, as they’re not what we’d call boho!

Creative Lanterns

Lighting is a huge part of bohemian decorating. Make yours really stand out with creative hand-painted ceramic lanterns, glass and iron ones, or stained glass lamps!

Candles And/Or Diffusers


While candles and oil diffusers have the main purpose of making your home smell like anything from vanilla to autumn leaves all the way to gingerbread cookies (yum!), they also serve the purpose of adding an aesthetically pleasing touch to your tables. 

If you don’t want to splurge on centerpieces, a couple of multi-sized candles in pretty glass containers do the trick, too! 

Greenery and Pretty Plants

The whole idea of bohemian interior is to bring the outside in and the earthy feeling all around. And what’s earth without a little greenery! 

Our favorite is the space-saving and gorgeous idea of hanging plant pots, but mixing and matching with pot and plant sizes all over the floor corners and tables works just as well. 

Try Fishhook Succulents, Weeping Figs, and Mother-In-Law’s Tongue for a truly eclectic mix.

Woven Throws

Boho interior is all about warmth. Give your couches and chairs a little extra texture and depth with one or two patterned throws in earthy colors to really tie them in with the rest of the room.

Textured Pillows

If throws are not really your cup of tea, then embroidered, textured pillows with eclectic patterns all over are a great alternative. Try to stay away from geometrically repeated patterns like the zigzag-on-white pillows that are popular on Pinterest. Instead, search for something a little more authentic like Aztec or African patterns instead! 

Reclaimed wood

You do not need to pull out your flooring and replace it with reclaimed wood panels to tick off this essential! 

It can be anything from a reused side table to a preloved rocking chair or coffee table. Whatever it is, make sure it has the earthy tone and rough vibe to match the rest of the decor.