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Spruce Up Your Wall With Calendar Templates

There are many things that a person can place on their wall. Some of them are purely decorative pieces like artwork. Others can be completely utilitarian or work based. There are then some items which are the perfect merging of those two worlds. The best example of this is the calendar.

Calendars have been in use for what seems like forever. There have been various forms of calendars on the wall since people started tracking time properly. The variations have continued throughout the years until the standardized calendar is the Gregorian calendar. Having one on the wall is an easy way to reference the month and date, but also to plan things visually. Using a smartphone isn’t always the answer. Making a great calendar from a template can also be a great family craft and really rewarding!

What is a Calendar Template?

Rather than design every facet of a calendar on their own, many people may choose to make use of what is referred to as a calendar template. These are designs which preemptively allow for the creation of a calendar. There are templates that will allow people to create the design online, and there are designs which are intended to be printed off.

There are two basic types of calendar templates. The first is very basic. They were very common in law offices and other businesses. These printed templates provided the month and a grid with the days. It was the responsibility of the user to put in the numbers. This way the template could keep being sold by the company making them year after year with no changes.

The second type of calendar template fills in those numbers for you and changes each year. Most of these are digital in format and are very easy to use. Simply choosing the year (or months of the year needed) and then the print option will give a basic calendar template that can be improved upon or used as is.

Where Can I Get Calendar Templates?

The truth is that there are a lot of different places in which to get calendar templates. The first and most obvious may simply be “The internet”. A quick search engine look will turn up many websites which have different calendar templates. What’s great is they tend to come in all kinds of designs and file types. This can let you alter or create in your program of choice.

In addition, many of the programs people already use have calendar templates available within them already. Microsoft Word has many and can easily create calendars. Google is not to be left behind, and their Google Docs has the ability to make calendar templates as well. All it takes is choosing which type of calendar template you want to use and going from there.


As mentioned, calendars can make great family crafts. The templates provided from the internet or programs can be printed off. From there, they can be decorated to make a unique one of a kind family project. What’s special is that this project can be used year round and the reminders of the time spent together will continue to be felt.

A popular version of a crafted calendar can involve printing out custom photos of a pet or of a child. From there, it can be turned into the traditional monthly calendar, by ensuring the template is attached to the back of next months picture. Making your own calendar from a template is actually very easy!