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So You Have the Best Chest of Drawers for Your Space?

A dresser among the most essential prime focus of a bedroom; second to the bed. Simply as crucial is its role as a storage space item for clothing, linens, lingerie, and several other things. For this reason, care should be taken to choose a high quality bedroom dresser that works efficiently and balances with the room's style. There are many steps purchasers can require to discover the ideal bedroom dresser, including gauging the offered area, examining their storage space needs, and deciding exactly what style finest suits their room's home furnishings and state of mind.

When purchasing a bed room cabinet, it is essential to acknowledge indications of high quality products and building. Extra options when purchasing a cabinet consist of a mirror, and dresser sets with various other working with furnishings. Bed room cabinets can be purchased in a number of areas, from yard sale to big box shops. eBay's online public auction web site has a wide option of new and used dressers, and could be an excellent area to purchase a high quality thing. No issue what their storage and decorative demands are, with some knowledge and planning, purchasers could discover the ideal dresser.


Prior to purchasing a dresser, purchasers ought to gauge their bed room for its accurate dimensions, and afterwards examine the approximate quantity of room they would certainly like the cabinet to inhabit, including height, size, and depth. If planning to position the cabinet in a corner, inspect that any doors enable sufficient area when opened. While purchasing, they should pay very close attention to the item descriptions to make sure the dressers fit within that size variety.

When picking dresser size, purchasers need to additionally take into consideration how they often tend to store their garments, and, furthermore, exactly what they plan to keep in the cabinet. For those with restricted dangling room, deep cabinet cabinets are perfect, to ensure that folded up items could be stowed without wrinkling. On the other hand, individuals with large walk-in storage rooms may desire a cabinet to shop products like lingerie, hosiery, accessories, or shower room items. In that situation, cabinets with some smaller cabinets are more effective.


The design of a dresser must accompany the attractive style of the room all at once. Cabinet styles can be split into a few fundamental groups: traditional, modern, modern-day, and country.

Traditional cabinets are inspired by styles from the past, taking their sign from European layout trends from the 17th to the 19th Century. They generally include detailed styles, building flourishes, and thorough carvings in deep, rich wood tones. Traditional-style dressers commonly have a magnificent, stylish appearance that complements other formal, typical furnishings. Antique cabinets are additionally a choice when looking for typical items.

Contemporary dressers showcase tidy, geometric lines, and are typically devoid of included ornamentation. They have the tendency to be in light or medium wood tones with knobs and accents in metal, ceramic, or stone. Contemporary cabinets have an uncluttered look for a tranquility, light, ornamental mood.

" Modern design" describes the design fads emerging in the second half of the 20th century, which reflected the spirit of the Machine Age. Modern furnishings usually showcases unbalanced lines and sleek surfaces that stress form and function, without included decoration. The cool appearance of modern dressers can add a fashionable touch to easy, neutral room layouts, and some authentic mid-century pieces are enthusiasts' products.

Country-style cabinets are rustic in look, motivated by the all-natural elements of the countryside. They normally feature milk-painted or natural timber surfaces, and can be casually basic or sculpted with craftsman-style detail.


Dressers come in a selection of materials; wood is most common, but composite timber and veneer are additionally made use of, as are materials like bamboo,, wicker,, and glass. Wood is the toughest product, nonetheless, and, for purchasers that can manage it, a strong wood cabinet might well outlive its fiberboard equivalents. Because sense, while wood is a larger financial investment, it is normally worth the additional price.

Timber Dressers

Timber dressers could be from hardwood or softwood trees. Different varieties of timber have different high qualities, and vary in durability and look. Teak wood, mahogany, and cedar are often utilized for cabinets since they are naturally resistant to rot and moisture damages like mold. Because of their toughness, nevertheless, these timbers have the tendency to set you back more. If buying a dresser in a less pricey wood, such as want, purchasers must make certain that the timber has been dealt with to resist rot and damages.

Wood could be repainted, tarnished, or ended up with varnish, oil, polyurethane, or shellac. Both paint and coatings form a protective layer that assists the timber resist damages.

Composite Wood

Composite wood is made from recycled timber that has been compressed with each other utilizing warm and glue. Tool thickness fiber board, or MDF, is a strong material that is usually cheaper than strong wood. Frequently, MDF cabinets have a timber veneer surface to create the look of actual timber.

Bed room Dresser Buying Tips

Along with the points detailed above, there are a couple of extra essential things to keep in mind when looking for a bed room cabinet.

Signs of Quality

Quality dressers can last a long time. Throughout the acquiring procedure, check for indications of quality. For optimum resilience, solid-wood must be used throughout, consisting of for the backing and the cabinets. Each drawer should be checked, along with its runners. If the legs and feet are of timber, each foot ought to be sculpted as a single system with the leg. The dresser's joinery should adhere to the tongue-and-groove technique; staples, glue, and nails are indications of lower-quality construction. It additionally aids to examine its strength by pushing and pulling it a couple of times - it ought to not move. Lastly, verify that the wood was kiln-dried, as this helps protect against peeling off and splitting.

Cabinet Sets

For those needing more storeroom than a solitary cabinet can provide, multi-unit dresser sets are a straightforward method to obtain more storage space while ensuring working with furnishings. Additionally, dresser sets are normally extra inexpensive than purchasing each item individually.


The top of a cabinet is a convenient place for a bedroom mirror, and numerous cabinets include mirrors and frameworks. The mirror should be in proportion to the dimension of the cabinet and complement the remainder of the space's decoration. Including a mirror also offers a space a much more spacious feel.

Where to Buy a Bedroom Dresser

Bed room cabinets could be acquired in a number of ways. Deal hunters can look for high quality previously owned, classic, or antique products in antique stores and second hand stores, and at garage sales, estate sales, and public auctions. New dressers are available at furniture shops, big-box shops, and with Internet sellers, while online public auction sites like eBay have a new, secondhand, vintage,, and antique dressers.