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9 Small Space Hacks That Will Turn Any Room Into A Spacious Haven

Cramping all your belongings, decoration, and daily activities into a tiny space can often lead to an explosion of clutter, and a few bumps here and there if you don't mind your step! 

That's why these hacks are absolute lifesavers. If you've just moved into a studio, a minuscule dorm room, or even an overpriced Brooklyn pad and still have not figured out how to arrange your life, here's a list of ideas that are sure to inspire you!

1- Lights, camera, action!

Just because your new living space gives no spare room for a trendy floor lamp does not mean you should live in darkness. 

Instead, use creative lighting solutions like fairy light curtains behind your bed or wall mounted filament bulbs to add a taste of modernity to your room while still leaving enough floor space to freely move around. 

2- The only way is up

If you're suddenly finding yourself with no garden, no front yard, and a serious lack of nature, why not create your own space-saving vertical garden? 

Find a free wall around your living space, and invest in a wire rack or even simple wall hooks on which you can hang plant pots and baskets!

3- How's it hangin'?

If your desk space or kitchenette just can't handle all your pens, papers, spices, and accessories, repurpose the adjacent wall with a metal mesh wall hanger. 

Use it to attach papers, reminders, and spice racks, and picture frames. 

4- Out of the closet

One way to save closet space? Get rid of the whole thing! Luckily, the modern, stripped back look is in, so going for alternative closet spaces is totally in style when it comes to interior decorating. 

Use a clothes-rack like the ones used in fashion stores, or even a creative hanging bar from the ceiling! 

5- Coffee (table) time!

If you don't have space for a coffee table but still want someplace to put your book and cup of coffee, why not take a leaf out of your local coffee house's book and opt for high tables instead? they're smaller, save floor space, and are a lot more versatile. 

6- Monochrome it 

Patterns and clashing colors have the exact same effect as a load of unwanted clutter dumped into your living space. Instead of making your room look "busier" with imaginary clutter, go Scandinavian and opt for a monochromatic interior with one or two complimentary colors instead. 

7- Time to reflect

Mirrors give the impression of added space, which is exactly what you need in a small space! hang up a wide mirror to create the illusion of more room, or opt for reflective furniture that would give off a similar effect.

8- Cafe vibes

If you're missing space for a dining table but don't want to have your dinner on the kitchen counter or in bed, simply attach a rustic wooden shelf to a window, add a couple of stools, and go cafe-style with a window-side seating area!

9- Climb the ladder

Ladder shelves are all the hype this year, working to both save space on bulky shelves as well as adding a touch of style to your room! 

Have any other ideas on how to optimize small spaces? Let us know on Facebook @Homes Magic!