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Small Business Shipping Solutions Simplify The Shipping Process

Small business shipping can sometimes seem to be needlessly complicated. Small businesses tend to have limited staff and as such, they will often be responsible for many different duties over the course of the day. Therefore the easier any one task is, the more time they will have for other ones. Making tasks easy and efficient is how small businesses succeed and grow.

The best way to simplify shipping is through shipping solutions. These solutions will typically take the form of software which is expressly designed to make shipping easier. They can help with buying and printing shipping labels, streamlining your sales to shipping workflow and often with marketing through customized shipping labels and equipment. These simple to use apps and software make the shipping process far less complicated.

1 - Stamps.com

This was one of the first options to come along for people looking to ship. Rather than having to make trips to the post office, people could suddenly print their own shipping labels. In addition, when people signed up, they would receive a digital scale to make weighing their parcels fast and easy. Today, stamps.com has both a web portal and a downloadable software option to be of the most use to small business. Items shipping through stamps.com will use the united states postal service. The monthly subscription cost is around $20.

2 - Endicia

While stamps.com has been good for years, the USPS realized that they could offer the same services by creating their own application and skip the middleman. Their end result is Endicia. This piece of software allows you to print your own shipping labels and schedule pickup. There are various tiers subscriptions. The professional tier will offer additional services like custom label designing.

3 - ShipStation

This software offering is all about integration. ShipStation connects directly to all of the major online storefronts out there and many of the smaller ones. When a sale is made and confirmed, the software will automatically create the shipping label and plan for shipping it. The ability to cut out an additional user task here creates a very efficient shipping solution.

4 - Ordoro

Ordoro is a more complex shipping operation and works for a small business which uses the dropshipping method. In this method, they don’t actually own the inventory being shipped. Instead, they purchase the item from another vendor and ship directly to the original buyer.  Ordoro can be more complex to use. It’s better suited to small businesses that are specifically doing a lot of shipping for that reason.

5 - ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy is a very good option for small businesses and often good for home businesses. It offers a free low volume option for businesses fulfilling less than 50 orders each month. From there, it will increases to more expensive options as a business grows, but is still pretty reasonable. In addition, ShippingEasy is very easy and actually shows current shipping discounts for carriers like UPS, DHL, Federal Express and the USPS.

6 - OrderCup

This software can get some serious discounts with some of the biggest shipping suppliers. OrderCup excels in the medium range of shipments, sending out over 500 shipments each month. If your small businesses isn’t quite there yet, then it may want to choose a different option. It does all the basics like automating shipping, scheduling pickups and printing shipping and return labels.