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Simple Tips To Turn Any Home Into A Modern Victorian Haven

Purposeful grandeur has not been on any interior decorator’s mind for a while now. But the road to minimalism has finally come to an end, giving way to the exciting, texture-heavy, new trend: Modern Victorian. 

If mental images of furniture draped in dark purple velvet, plush upholstery, heavy metals, and dark metal accents came to mind, then you’re not too far off. 

The 1800’s-inspired trend is merged with modern accents to tone it down and modernize it in a way that is accessible to everyone’s home. So in place of a round-backed velvet sofa, we’ll be seeing the same styles in more angular shapes that combine the 19th-century splendor with 21st-century simplicity.

The good news is, following this trend does not mean you’ll have to get rid of everything you own and start fresh. Adding a signature piece or two that give your home a majestic makeover are enough to add the right touch of Victorian to your interior. 

The trick is: choose the right piece! 

Here are 7 key pieces you can add to your home for a real modern Victorian touch:

1- Brass Mirror

A brass mirror with a detailed design around the frame is the perfect addition to bless your entryway. The heavy metal, along with the right designs can set the mood for the entire home, as it would be the first signature piece to meet your guests' eyes.

2- Round Chandelier

This does not have to be dripping in expensive crystals! Go for a modern take on the Victorian chandelier with a lampshade that gives your naked light bulb a Victorian effect.

3- Velvet Upholstery

The only thing you’ll need to buy for this piece is the velvet fabric. If you have a chair or a settee that could do with a little extra oomph, give it an upholstery makeover with a velvet change of fabric.

Dark greens, purples, and black work best for this trend, but you can pick the wild card and get creative with your colors.

4- Canopy Bed

Canopy beds are almost synonymous with the Victorian interior. While you don’t have to go all out with a high arch and gold poles, a simple, angular frame would work its magic just as well.

5- Dramatic Wallpaper

The color of your walls can speak volumes for whatever room you’re in. Adding removable wallpaper to just one wall in your living room or master bedroom can take it from minimal to Victorian in seconds. Go for dark, richer colors for the ultimate effect.

6- Intricate Doorknobs

You would never guess just how much the shape, color, and size of your doorknobs can alter the entire feel of your home. Exchange your boring old plain ones for intricate brass or copper ones with Victorian designs for a whole new feel to every room.

7- Stained Glass Table Lamp

A Tiffany-style lamp can fully elevate your living room into a Victorian haven. Look for a lamp with intricate colors and textures on the shade for the optimum Victorian-chic look. 

Will you be going down the Victorian route, or will you stick to the minimalist look a little while longer?