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Save Your Money With The Best Free TV Streaming Sites

Some consider the golden age of television to have occured in the past when classic shows like Leave it to Beaver were on television. Swiss Family Robinson had families gathering around. While television may have been overly wholesome then, the true golden age of television is going on right now! Television is no longer second to movies in terms of star power and prestige. A large part of this boom is due to the various streaming services available. Their continual “arms race” to produce more and better content continues. But with so many streaming services charging monthly fees, finding some streaming sites that also allow you to enjoy television without the constantly rising costs is appreciated as well. There are plenty of websites which offer free streaming without having to pay. Many of these make their money from ads and using older or limited content. Still, free television is a good thing! 

1 - Crackle (Sony)

This website doesn’t just offer television programming, but it also has movies. Crackle is run by Sony. Too many people think of Sony as a manufacturer of hardware and forget how the studios have produced movies and television for decades. Crackle offers people the full Sony backlog of content, giving a solid amount of free material to taste. Crackle is only accessible in the United States. If you’re going elsewhere on vacation, you will need to pick a different option or use a VPN. 

2 - Youtube

Too often, people forget how much free television is available on YouTube. Not all of the shows fit the traditional model of 22 or 44 minute television shows. However, modern television is more diverse and YouTube is one of the best places to show off this modern style. No matter what you’re interests may be, there are shows designed for them. Talk shows and variety shows are among the most popular options available. 

3 - Tubi TV

This is another option that is only available to residents of the United States. Tubi TV uses ads during episodes. It’s a good website and is very easy to navigate. In most cases, the quality of the streams are high. Registration is necessary, and verification through an actual email is required in order to stream. However, there’s no cost associated with registration, making it a good option. 

4 - CONtv 

This is a service that specifically provides viewers plenty of horror and sci-fi options. It also prides itself on “cult” films that might be harder to locate elsewhere. CONtv also helps various convention events stream much of their content to the world to increase interest. If you’re a comic book or gaming fan, it’s a great option. Registration is necessary and ads are going to arrive with each video. VPNs or ad blockers aren’t the worst choice with CONtv.

5 - PutLocker

This website offers strong servers. If at any time there’s an issue with one of the servers, it’s simple to switch to one of the other ones. It is an ad based experience, so pop ups will come with each full episode. Quality of the streams are solid. If there’s one downside, there’s perhaps less content options than other free streaming websites since it has targeted highly ranked content from IMDB. It does take content rankings from different countries so it’s easy to check out more foreign content that you might not think of watching normally.