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Save Money Around The Home Using These Great Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes and planned delivery services have quickly become popular throughout the world. In some cases, the goal of a subscription box is to try and discover new things. However, some subscription boxes offer a different benefit. They save you money on the things you want!

Companies are often willing to give a discount when they know they will be selling items consistently. This repeated cash flow is predictable and allows a discount. When it comes to the things that you’re doing around the house, you don’t want to spend more money than you have to. The other type of savings subscription boxes are versions which allow you to avoid expensive name brand subscription boxes. Products are just as good, but without that expensive brand name add on. These are only some of the great subscription boxes that can help save money around the house, so keep an eye out for others! 

1 - Dollar Shave Club 

Dollar shave club started by offering a handle, then allowing people to get blades each month for $1 each. That basic tenet remains, but they have also expanded to allow people to get their higher end products as well. The premium blades still only cost $9 per month. The quality is great as well, and is far superior to trying out cheap disposable razors. One nice aspect to this subscription box is you can change it so that it comes every other month as well. 

2 - The Honest Company

This subscription box is perfect if you are someone who wants to use “all-natural” products. These products in retail stores can be very expensive with big markups over cheaply made products which feature chemicals of some type. The Honest Company subscription boxes are varied. People can get them for Cleaning, Baby Diapers/Wipes, Baby Formula, as well as a variety of health products. Organic or natural products have premium prices, so The Honest Company subscription box can save you against these other natural items. 

3 - Quip

A toothbrush subscription service is kind of perfect! People forget about the actual need to change their toothbrush every 90 days or so. With this service, you’ll get an initial brush, and then get replacement bristles every 3 months like clockwork. You can choose from a manual plastic brush which can use replacement bristles, or an electric toothbrush. The initial brushes also come with wall mounts, so you can keep your bathroom looking organized. Replacement bristles every three months only cost $5, so keep your mouth clean is very reasonably priced. 

4 - BeanBox

Many people have abandoned brewing their own coffee in the morning and prefer to pick up some Starbucks on the way to work. BeanBox offers you a chance to save money and get some incredible coffee on your own. BeanBox offers up high quality coffee in the styles and roasts you like. BeanBox runs around $20 per month and should give you more than enough coffee to enjoy over that timeframe. Bulk instant coffees may run a bit less, but the quality for price of BeanBox is incredible. 

5 - Amazon Subscribe and Save

Alright, this isn’t technically a subscription box, it’s a subscription service. But it needs to be mentioned as it plays a huge role in saving money on subscription content. Subscribe and save items can be ordered on a specific schedule (monthly is common, but weekly or bi-monthly can occur as well) and they will be delivered right to your door. The prices for objects through subscribe and save is between 5% and 15%. However, this discount really adds up as there are so many items which are available. Cleaning products are a common option, as is expensive dog food. Toilet paper is one item that people should consider adding to a subscribe and save plan, as it’s certainly going to be needed anyway!