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Roof Cleaning Removes a Variety of Substances

Owning a home comes with various responsibilities, including shoveling the walkway, repainting, mowing the lawn, and power washing the siding and deck to keep the home fresh and clean. Besides keeping the home tidy, cleaning the house’s exterior, including the roof, keeps the property’s value up, removes wear, and extends the home’s durability. However, many homeowners tend to forgo cleaning the roof because it is difficult to see and access it. Regularly cleaning the roof goes beyond keeping the home appealing; it is key to avoiding costly damages. Roof washing is particularly essential for houses located in the tropics or those close to a beach because grit and sand can settle into the crannies and nooks of a roof, leading to severe damages. Information is vital in ensuring that homeowners protect the condition and appearance of their homes.

Why Is Roof Cleaning Important?

Roofs are continuously exposed to various elements like debris and dirt. Although rainfall is usually enough to wash away the dirt, growth patches and stains caused by substances such as lichens, moss, and algae are much more rigid and can cause wood rot and shingle deterioration. Therefore, homeowners should take time to clean their roofs or seek a professional's services for regular maintenance.

While algae are not harmful to asphalt shingles, they can interfere with their performance, especially on a cool or reflective roof. The growth of black algae interferes with the roof’s reflective properties. Cleaning the roof is a simple way of making an excellent impression on visitors and neighbors and goes a long way in attracting potential buyers. Since the roof serves as the home’s first line of protection against exterior elements, keeping the roof in excellent condition protects the house’s interior. A damaged roof renders other structures vulnerable to elements like UV rays, wind, and hail, which will damage the home rapidly if left unattended.

Is Roof Cleaning Safe?

Roof cleaning is not an easy task as it involves many safety hazards, the most significant one being the risk of falling. There is also the risk of coming into contact with chemicals when getting rid of moss or algae. Luckily, professional cleaners can handle the job.

Homeowners who choose to clean their roofs should only use reliable tools for their safety and ensure the job is done well. They should also put on boots with non-skid holes to avoid falls and slips, use a sturdy ladder, and prevent chemical spillage but tying garbage bags on every downspout. Furthermore, it is vital to put on heavy rubber gloves and protective goggles, rinse off the gutter and downspouts once the job is done, and remove any debris.

How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost?

The national average cost of cleaning a roof in the United States is between $450 and $700. A typical homeowner spends an average of $612 to pressure wash a 1500 square-foot roof. Various factors determine the cost of cleaning a roof.

Some cleaning companies charge for their services hourly while others charge per service or job. Before hiring a professional cleaning company, homeowners should consider whether they want to pay per hour or a service rate. It is worth remembering that typical cleaning jobs usually take about two to five hours. The roofing material also affects the total cost of cleaning. Some roofs require specific methods, cleaning supplies, and special tools, which may translate to a premium charge. Physical scraping can raise labor costs and increase the number of hours needed to complete a job.

What Is the Effective Way to Clean a Roof?

Homeowners are advised to hire a professional cleaner to ensure that the work is done correctly using the best supplies. Eco-friendly products not only get the job done but also safeguard the landscape, protect the water, and are friendly to the skin. It is essential to find out the cleaning method beforehand and ensure low pressure is used.

Low-pressure cleaning protects the roof shingles and prevents scrubbing and brushing. It is also essential to prepare the roof before cleaning it. For example, cleaning the gutter ensures that the water drains smoothly. With proper maintenance, a roof can last for about 30 years. Roof cleaning is a vital part of roof maintenance that should be done once every two to three years.