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Remodeling Your Kitchen? How To Survive Being Kitchen-Less

You’ve mustered the courage to update your kitchen and let where you once cooked your meals turn into a construction site. Bet you’re sitting in a corner stressing about how much more money it’s going to cost to eat while your kitchen is getting its makeover. 

Eating out is an option, but you’ll end up breaking the bank. So, what else is there? You can’t just live on sloppily made sandwiches; you need cooked meals. 

Not to mention it can be very annoying to have your home in a mess, how are you supposed to keep your cool? 

Don’t stress; you can survive this and enjoy home cooked meals while your kitchen gets fixed up to your liking.

Image Credit: YouTube

Temporary Kitchen

You need to find a place in your home with easy access to a sink. You could take your old kitchen cabinets and set them in a place like your garage. You can get a piece of plywood and lay it over the cabinets to give you a surface to chop things up and put your small appliances. 

Avoid Frustration

Sit down with your contractor to talk about the steps and the timelines. Work with the contractor to figure out what tasks are supposed to be finished every day and what they’ll start working on next. Write it down and make a tracking sheet for the remodeling process. By tracking things, you’ll feel a lot less tense about the mess that’s building up. 

It could help you if you take photos every day to see how things are changing from day to day or week to week.

Store Things Properly

It’s no secret; dust gets into everything. Wrap the items you regularly use in clear film or plastic and put them into boxes, to keep things organized, label your boxes. For the things you don’t use regularly, box them up and move them into a room away from the hectic renovations. 

Plan Ahead

Move your freezer to another room, and before the renovations start cooking your meals, split them into containers, and freeze them. All you’ll have to do is defrost, heat, and eat.

Ask Your Friends For Help

You could always offer your friend a cooked meal in exchange for them letting you use their kitchen. Get everything ready at your place, and put it all together at your friend’s house. Who said socializing wasn’t possible while you renovate? 

Time Management

Try to plan your renovations to happen during the warmer months, that way you can have barbeques for dinner or you can use your cookware by using your grill as a stove. You may be a little concerned about cleaning afterward, but all you have to do is rub the bottom of your pots and pans with a bar of soap, and the soot will wash off with ease. 


Look in magazines, newspapers, and brochures for restaurant coupons. That way you can eat out for an affordable price. 

Camping Cook Stove

Why not invest in a camping cook stove, you can use it during your remodeling, and when you’re done, you can plan camping trips seeing as you already have some of the equipment. Here’s a tip, you can get one second-hand. 


If you’re concerned about your breakable items, you should pack them away and put them in a room out of your contractor's way. Your home might look like you’re moving out for some time, but at least you won’t have to spend more money to replace things that got broken during the reno. 

Protect Your Home

Sit with your contractor and decide which are the best ways for the team to come and go through the house. Cover everything with plastic or scraps of old carpet, this way you won’t have to fix the rest of your home after the kitchen. 

Renovations don’t have to be difficult; it’s all about having open and clear communication with your contractor so everything can be smooth sailing!