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Quilts Are Both Beautiful and Warm

If a person wants to enhance the look of their home, and add to the feel of the home, they should consider adding quilts throughout the home. Quilts will look great thrown on the back of the couch or in a chair. On the bed, a quilt not only keeps a person warm, but it will also add a rustic feel to the home. There are many options when it comes to a quilt. A person will need to take into consideration the size they need, the color scheme they want, and whether or not they want any sort of pattern on the quilt. A person will want to take their time to find that perfect quilt that works for them and their home. Once the quilt is on the bed, a person can choose matching shams as well as a bed skirt to help complete the look. There are many ways that a person can get a quilt. They can purchase quilts both online and offline. A person may also consider making the quilt themselves.

Buying Quilts Online

There are many retailers online that offers quilts. These retailers will offer quilts in many sizes, colors, and patterns. A person will first want to take into consideration how much they want to spend on a quilt. Quilts will vary in price depending on the pattern, size, shape, and how the quilt was put together. A quilt that is sewn together without the use of a sewing machine, completely by hand will be more expensive than those that are put together with the sewing machine. A person that is considering purchasing a quilt can look on sites like Overstock.com, Amazon, and Lancasterpa.com. Someone that is looking for quilts online will need to make sure the company that they are buying from has great reviews and their quilts are well-liked. A person does not want to get a cheaply made quilt for their home that makes their home look tacky and that will not hold up to use.

Making Your Own Quilt

If a person is unsatisfied with the type of quilts they find online, their next option is to create a quilt by themselves. While creating a quilt is a lot of work, with a little practice and effort, a person will have no trouble creating their own quilt. The best thing about making a quilt themselves is that they will have complete control over the design. They will be able to incorporate the colors, design, and size. A person can find free patterns online or purchase a book on quilting. There are also many quilting supply stores that will have patterns available. To make their own quilt a person will need to figure out the color scheme as well as the pattern and then purchase the fabric and other supplies. A person will also need to consider whether they are going to hand stitch the quilt or use a sewing machine. A person wanting to make their own quilt needs to keep in mind that quilting is not a simple process and it will take a long time to complete the finished project. A person can also watch YouTube videos to learn how to quilt themselves.

Popular Quilting Retailers

If a person wants to get into making their own quilts, they will need to know the most popular quilting retailers out there. A person that is making a quilt needs to keep in mind what kind of budget they wish to use on the quilting supplies. This will help them to find a place that offers affordable supplies. They will also want to make sure that the retailer has the fabric that they want to use for their quilt. When a person purchases fabric for the quilt, they will want to make sure that they portion enough to make the entire quilt, just in case the retailer does not have the fabric in stock at a later date. The most popular quilting retailers are:

  • Fat Quarter Shop
  • Shabby Fabrics
  • JoAnne’s
  • Michaels
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Quilting in a Day

All of these retailers will have all the quilting supplies that a person needs to complete the quilt. This includes the needles, fabric, felting, backing, and anything else a person may need to create a quilt. Some of these retailers also have helpful tutorials that they offer in-store and online for a person that wishes to get into quilting.