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Quick Remodeling Ideas to Transform Your Kitchen

As one of the busiest rooms - if not the heart of the home - for many of us here in the States, the kitchen deserves a design that you enjoy looking at for hours every day. Sometimes this can be achieved with relatively small renovations, but other times you need to pull out the big guns to make your kitchen a dream to live in. Here are four kitchen remodeling ideas to bring this versatile room to the next level!

Open Shelving

Let’s start simple. If the first word that comes to mind when you walk into your kitchen is outdated, and the cabinets are the culprit, consider replacing them with something entirely new. Open shelving above the countertop is a gorgeous modern alternative that has some added bonuses. Not only do you get to display your favorite items all the time instead of just at dinner parties, these airy shelves make a small kitchen feel larger. On top of that, since everything is always out for everyone to see, you might have some extra motivation to keep things organized!

Fresh Paint

Paint is truly the homeowner’s shortcut when it comes to updating the kitchen. This low-maintenance renovation can be done over a weekend without any need to call in the professionals, but it has the potential to completely transform your kitchen. Cabinets, walls, ceilings and trim are all areas that could potentially use work. For a unified, not-too-busy look, try choosing a single color you love for one area and different shades of the same color for the others. If you’re really struggling to think of a way to improve your kitchen paint-wise, Benjamin Moore has a great guide for finding your kitchen’s perfect color

Hidden Storage Solutions

Sometimes, to give your kitchen a little something extra, you have to think outside the box. In older kitchens especially, awkward little spaces often exist seemingly just to waste space and provide an eyesore. The good news is, with a little customization, a useless corner on the countertop can turn into a slick appliance garage, and a gap under the counter can house your garbage and recycling bins discreetly. Use awkward spaces to your advantage for a truly satisfying kitchen experience.

New Light

An ill-lit kitchen is a recipe for an unattractive and impractical kitchen. Making the effort to brighten up and visually enlarge this space will be well worth it, and there are a couple ways you can do it. Natural lighting is obviously the preferred method, so if it’s possible, add some large windows and enjoy the endless benefits of letting more sun into your home. Another option is recessed lighting, which fits with any kitchen style and doesn’t obstruct your view of the room, making it appear larger. Both ideas will bring a modern, open look to your kitchen.

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, these big changes and little projects will give you a great start. No matter what you decide to try, go for a design that you love, and the time spent with family and friends in your kitchen will become even more cherished.