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Popular Baby Names Can Help You Find the Right Name For Your Little One

What’s in a name? It’s a question that’s been asked for decades. Depending on the culture that you come from, your name may have some serious significance or be seen as a lucky omen. Parents need to consider a lot of different factors when they are naming their child. Traditional names have a great appeal to others, while modern popular names sounds great to others.

Having to name a child can be a very difficult task. Many names sound great on their own, but don’t sound nearly as great when combined with a last name. Many people wish to honor an ancestor or close family member by naming a new child for them. However, this can sometimes be awkward when considering modern naming conventions. What follows are some of the most popular baby names out there right now, along with some ideas to help you choose one.

Traditional Popular Names

When it comes to traditional names, it’s easy to trace many of them back to biblical names. This has made these names traditional, but also classic. It’s no doubt that most people know one of the following names for boys:

  • Michael
  • James
  • John
  • William
  • Joseph
  • Steven
  • Richard
  • Jason
  • Christopher
  • Mark

When it comes to traditional names for women, it’s a bit more interesting. Many of the names that were popular have run through cycles. Like fashion, some names are in style for a while, then they switch to others. Despite this, some of the most popular traditional names for girls are:

  • Jennifer
  • Michelle
  • Melissa
  • Lisa
  • Stephanie
  • Rebecca
  • Amanda
  • Kelly
  • Laura
  • Amy

Names Popularized by Media

There are many names which have been popularized by movie stars, the characters they play, musicians or athletes. When there’s a huge hit in popularity of something, it’s not surprising to see those names start appearing on babies. It’s important to note that these names may not be at the top of any “most used” list, but they are quickly rising up the lists and growing. As more children get named something, the urge for others to name their child that name seems to increase when they like the name. These names have seen a rise thanks to the success of their famous namesakes:

  • Shaquille
  • Katniss
  • Jalen or Jaylen
  • Logan
  • Xavier
  • Scarlett
  • Bella
  • Ashton

Most Popular Names Overall in 2018

Many of these names may have popped up in earlier lists. In the United States, these have currently been the most popular names for GIrls and Boys. Both lists show an interesting trend of modern mixed with names popular in the early part of the 20’th century. This mix of old and new showcases a lot of modern thinking. Without further ado, the most popular names are:


  • Ava
  • Emma
  • Isabella
  • Olivia
  • Charlotte
  • Amelia
  • Evelyn
  • Abigail
  • Isabella
  • Sophia


  • Liam
  • William
  • James
  • Logan
  • Mason
  • Elijah
  • Jacob
  • Noah
  • Benjamin
  • Oliver

Regardless of which name parents choose, it should really just be personal for them. They need to be happy and ensure that the name is something the child will be proud to bear throughout their lives! It’s fun to discuss between parents what a child should be named, so don’t get too set on a name too fast. Have some fun with it!