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Picky Shoppers Are Turning to Curated Clothing Subscription Boxes

The fashion industry has been faced with constant changes and several new challenges. One of the most difficult to overcome is how much consumers have changed their shopping behavior in recent years, and one major reason for this shift is that shoppers are now more demanding than ever before.

The way customers shop has been changing as well. No longer do they want just any product from anywhere – today's consumers are more selective and conscious about their purchases. They carefully consider all options before making a purchase; they read reviews from other shoppers and compare prices across brands and stores.

The most interesting trend in the last few years has been people turning to curated clothing subscription boxes instead of shopping at brick-and-mortar stores. These companies send customers a monthly box with clothes that they have chosen for them. Some subscribers even get to choose what types of clothing they want, such as only receiving skirts, trousers, jackets, or dresses each month. This is because there are so many different brands out there now, making it difficult for shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for when browsing online or walking through store aisles. The following list lists the top popular curated clothing subscriptions boxes.

1 - Stitch Fix

Subscribers fill out a style profile and receive their own personal stylist. They can give feedback on each item sent to them, and the box will be tailored to what they like and don't like about items in previous boxes. There is also an option for customers who want full control over their selections - they simply choose what they want and don't want for $20 per box.

2 - Trunk Club

This company's business model is similar to Stitch Fix, as they also use personal stylists. Customers fill out a style profile and then work closely with their assigned stylist, who sends them curated boxes of clothing each month for $25 per box style. There are options to purchase anything that catches the customer's eye or skip any month they do not want anything.

3 - Menlo Club

This is a men's curated clothing subscription service that focuses on quality and fit. Clients are required to fill a profile survey whey they will give their size and style preferences. For a cost of $60 per month, one will be eligible for two to three pieces of coordinating items such as bottoms, tops, or jackets, as well as accessories.

4 - Stately Box

Stately Box offers a subscription box service for high-end clothing, shoes, and other accessories. The company works with designers to bring customers unique items found on their website or in local boutiques. The Stately's ensure their customers receive items that align with their preferences. This company has three plans, and the cheapest goes for at least $200 (the box comes with at least three pieces) while the most expensive is $600 or more(contains six or more pieces).

5 - Wantable Fitness

Since working out is part of many people's everyday lives, one needs perfect fitness garments. Wantable Fitness offers customers curated boxes of apparel specific to yoga or running. Their products are modern, and customers receive exactly what they need to stay trendy, stylish, and functional. Some of the five pieces that customers receive monthly at a charge of $20 include tees, shorts, bras, leggings, hoodies, and others. In case one doesn't love all the pieces, they are allowed to return them at no shipping cost.

6 - Kidpick

This company specializes in children's clothing and accessories. They provide customers with a personalized shopping experience by sending them boxes of apparel at an affordable price. The products they send are unique, fashionable, and high-quality items that will be appreciated by any child receiving the box. Kidpick's curated clothing subscription box caters to both boys and girls. Parents have the freedom to choose how frequently they would have the box delivered, be it monthly, after two months, or three months. In the box are seven pieces made up of three coordinated outfits. The advantage of keeping all the pieces in the box is that one gets a 30% discount.