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Once You Find a Necklace You Love, It's Hard to Take it Off

Adding a necklace to any outfit can make you look and feel a bit more pulled together. If you're in leggings and a long tee and headed out for errands, putting on a simple chain adds intention. Shorts and a tank are lovely and cool, but with a necklace they are feminine and cute. Jeans and a tee are casual, but with a pendant or a string of pearls, you will feel more polished and ready to head out into the world. For those who love a bit more embellishment, it's easy to boost the impact of a necklace by adding more charms, stacking chains, or trying a basic pendant on a ribbon or colorful cord. Finally, don't be afraid to do a little DIY work with your current necklace collection. 


Charm Necklaces

A charm necklace is a fun way to add color to any outfit. In addition, you can build new charms out of almost anything. With a pair of needle-nose pliers and a bit of wire, you can create new charms out of

  • Tassels
  • A pretty stone
  • Raw gems

Invest in a simple chain of a durable metal, such as a low-luster stainless steel. Charms can be tough on a chain, especially if you swap them out often. Soft gold or white gold can get scratched up. Bright high gloss silver can also get scratched and darken along the bottom of your chain loop. A basic chain will look better, longer, if you don't overload the chain. You can also build your charm necklace on a ribbon, a cord or a piece of lace.

Everyday Necklaces

If you have received a necklace as a gift, or if you have a necklace with a spiritual charm that has a lot of meaning, you can be proud to wear it every day. If this isn't true for you but you enjoy wearing a necklace every day, consider choosing your go-to metal tone. Generally, gold and silver are your choices.

Is there jewelry that you always wear on any part of your body? For example, your wedding ring may be white gold or platinum. To match this, silver necklaces are a good choice. If your wedding ring is yellow gold, keep an eye out for simple gold necklaces. Once you have your favorite metal tone selected, you will start to notice simple pendants and chains in those tones.

Formal Necklaces

A formal necklace can run the gamut from simple, understated pearls to a diamond choker. Your formal necklace choices may also include gem pendants featuring just a simple stone. One of the most interesting trends in formal necklaces for 2021 is the use of discs, in metals or gems, as an eye-catching embellishment.

Disc designs can be paired on the same chain for a bit of whimsy, stacked on multiple chains for an elegant statement, or simply used on their own as a pendant. Similar to the locket, a single disc may be all you need to turn a simple formal into an elegant ensemble.

No matter your plans for the day or evening, adding a necklace makes your outfit just a bit more special. A simple necklace will draw the eye toward your face, your eyes and your smile. Whether you wear something chunky and bold or a simple pendant, take the time to put on a necklace.