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No Home is Complete Without Proper Online Access and Services

The internet is the greatest tool that mankind has today. The internet has essentially allowed for all of mankind’s collective information to be placed in a single location. In addition to that repository of knowledge, the internet is also the number one way in which people interact with others, and allows reach to extend across the globe. It’s kind of stunning to consider how much the internet has extended a person’s global reach since just 25 years ago. 

However, to access this marvel, you need appropriate online services. Internet access can come from multiple forms. While access from a phone can work, it lacks the speed, security and lower cost of home internet services. A dedicated home internet connection is still a very important piece of home infrastructure. From there, other wonderful online services can be purchased to assist a user in a multitude of ways. 

Types of Online Services

The internet gives access to a wide variety of services that can be taken advantage of online. No matter what a person’s interest, there is something for them online. Some of the most useful or popular services include: 

  • Cloud Data - The internet cloud allows people to store their data in a safe location. This data can be accessed from anywhere. Cloud data is used more than people realize. Many people use cloud data to store their photos from their phones without even recognizing they are doing it. Services like Microsoft OneDrive let people sync up their cloud data. 
  • Online Shopping - This is one of the best services. Almost anything is available online through various internet marketplaces.
  • Social Media - If there’s one service that’s used constantly, it’s social media. How social media is used is up to each individual. Some use it to relax, while others have turned social media into excellent businesses. 

Finding a Good Internet Package

The first step in finding a good deal is understanding the terminology used by internet service providers. The first is internet speed. The common measurement is “Mbps”. This actually stands for megabits per second. Many internet companies will advertise immense speeds. However, many of these only offer good speed with their download speeds. Their upload speeds are poor and they are just as important. Basic internet packages tend to start around 20 Mbps and rise up. Most higher tier internet packages now offer 500+ Mbps. This is typically more than you need. Around 100 Mbps should be more than able to provide for multiple streams of HD content and play online games with others. 

The second thing that needs to be considered is the amount of data that’s allowed to be moved and “throttling”. The amount of data allowed has continued to grow as file sizes have increased and the amount of data people use has grown. Data caps can be exceeded, but there are extra caps. Most companies will have an “unlimited” offer which can usually be a good choice. Research is required however. Some companies will decrease the speed of an internet connection if it’s been using too much data. This is known as throttling. 

Finally, the third thing that really needs to be considered is price. Internet service providers will often offer up special deals for new customers. This may be increased speeds for a limited time to tempt people into the long term higher speeds. Make sure that any internet package fits your budget. Contact your internet service provider in regular intervals, as they may have better deals or be willing to negotiate or add new features to keep existing customers.