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More Homes Are Choosing To Add a Massage Chair To the Premises

One of the excellent ways to improve health is relaxing the body. Often, people overly engage in various activities that they forget the body needs to revitalize. While folks may have goals that require extreme determination, it is impossible to achieve them without the body's wellbeing. Inadequate relaxation predisposes the body to stress, which can cause multiple adverse effects. For instance, excess release of the cortisol hormone can lead to high blood pressure. It is therefore essential to allow your muscles to re-energize. One way to achieve this is through a massage. Massage therapy from a home massage chair is one of the best routines of body care. Aside from the pampered feeling, massage chairs are associated with many health benefits. One of the benefits is improved concentration due to increased blood circulation. What if one can have the experience at the comfort of their home? This would be an excellent idea as it will save time and expenses.

Features of a Massage Chair

There’s plenty of features that a good massage chair should have. These include: 

  • Air Bags - The airbags of a massage chair are located around the head, neck, arms, shoulders, hips, calves, and legs. One massage chair can have dozens of airbags. They function by applying uniform pressure on the muscles.
  • Foot Rollers - They are found at the foot area of the massage chair. They alleviate pain by stretching the plantar fascia. Foot rollers are perfect for individuals with plantar fasciitis, as they increase blood circulation. They can alleviate pain up to the lower back.
  • Headrest - The headrest supports the neck and the head. It is one of the essential features to consider when purchasing a massage chair.
  • Heat Jade Rollers - Heat jade rollers are the most recent features in advanced massage chairs. They relax and reduce swelling in the foot and spinal muscles using heat-induced technology.
  • Shoulder Air Massage - The shoulder air massage stimulates the shoulder muscles.
  • Arm Air Massage - This feature increases blood circulation in the arms.
  • Calf Rollers - The calf rollers reduce calf muscle tension.

Benefits of Massage Chairs

There’s plenty of reasons to get a massage chair beyond “it feels good”. These include: 

  • Relieve Pain - Massage chairs are designed to alleviate pain in different parts of the body. Most massage chairs reduce pain in the back, shoulders, arms, legs, calves, and neck. This is achieved through increasing blood circulation, thus reducing muscle tightness.
  • Boost Immunity - The rate of blood circulation in the body determines the concentration of white blood cells. As blood circulation increases, the number of white blood cells circulating in the body escalates. This improves the immune system's power to fight infections.
  • Improve Flexibility - Poor flexibility is a result of tension in the muscles and tightness at the joints. Massage chairs produce movements that reduce tension around these areas, hence increasing flexibility. This is the primary reason athletes have regular massage therapy sessions.
  • Reduce Headache - A primary cause of headaches is poor blood circulation. The brain needs enough oxygen for proper functioning. Poor blood circulation hinders an adequate oxygen level from reaching the brain, thus causing mild to severe headaches. When blood circulation improves, enough oxygen and nutrients reach the brain, hence suppressing headaches.

The Best Massage Chair Models

Once you decide to get a massage chair, it’s difficult to decide which one to get with so many options out there. Some great choices include: 

  • Boyfriend Lamborghini LBF-750 - It is one of the most advanced massage chairs in the market. Its features, including the sound system, resemble those of the luxury vehicle, Lamborghini. It is excellently comfortable, and the best part is that the chair adjusts its mechanisms according to an individual's specific needs. The Boyfriend Lamborghini LBF-750 can detect a person's stress levels.
  • Giantex Recliner Chair - This is perfect for individuals that prefer the simple models of massage chairs. The Giantex Recliner chair is wide enough and accommodates the entire body as it has a foot extension. It consists of eight massage modes, controlled by two nodes. Although not as advanced as the Boyfriend Lamborghini, it serves its purpose well.
  • Infinity IT 8500-X3 - Medical statistics rate Infinity IT 8500-X3 one of the best regarding health benefits. This is because the footrest raises the legs above the heart. It is perfect for individuals with high blood pressure and other heart-related diseases. This massage chair may also help prevent vein conditions such as varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, and superficial thrombophlebitis.

Massage therapy comes with many health advantages. Besides reducing stress and alleviating pain, massage therapy helps in managing several chronic conditions—a brilliant way to enjoy the benefits is by purchasing a massage chair for your home. Most massage chairs are advanced, having in-built systems that are customized to cater to every part of the body. The models mentioned in the article are some of the best in the market today.