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Making Your Ikea Dresser Look New and Different

Are you getting tired of looking at your old Ikea dressing table or nightstand? 

Ikea products are amazingly cheap, but you can get bored of the furniture pretty quick. Instead of spending a fortune replacing your furniture, you can dress up your old things to suit your style. 

What you'll need: 

Image Credit: YouTube

  • Your Ikea chest of drawers
  • Wood Filler
  • Sand Paper
  • Paint
  • Corner Braces (depending on how many draws, you need 4 for each drawer)
  • Cup Drawers/Cabinet Pulls (depend on how many drawers, you need one for each)

Let's get started: 

Image Credit: YouTube

  1. Take off your Ikea drawer pulls. 
  2. Use wood filler to fill in the predrilled holes.
  3. When the wood filler dries, sand it down with your sand paper. 
  4. If you drawers have paint on them, sand away the old paint. 
  5. Paint your chest of drawers. 
  6. When the paint dries, you can install your corner braces. 
  7. Measure the center of the drawer and install your drawers pulls.

*If you want your drawer pulls and braces to be the same color, you can spray paint them.