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Make Your Small Home Feel Bigger

Do you feel cramped in your home? Are you feeling like the space you have is just too small? 

The solution is very simple: Scandinavian Design! 

This design trend is all about simplicity and neutral colors. It’s easy to do and effortless to maintain. This interior styling is known for simplicity, functionality, and the neutral colors; all of which make a small space look clutter free and bigger than it actually is. 

You don’t have to turn your home upside down to get the look, all you have to do is make a few adjustments here and there. Maybe you’re looking to renovate your home to change things up, or maybe you’re after making your home look bigger and more organized, these tips will help you out, a lot: 

Space Between Things

Having spaces between the objects in your home will make your home look a lot more organized. Let’s say you’re hanging up your photo frames, try to avoid having them too close to each other, because when your eyes can see things clearly, you automatically think the space is bigger. Try your best to avoid piling things up on top of each other. 

Neutral Colors

Colors can change a room dramatically. So, dark colors make a room feel intimate and small, but neutral colors make a room feel like it’s open. If you’re after making your rooms look like they’re spacious, then you’ll need to play around with light grays, whites, or off-whites.

Clean Surfaces

Clutter makes everything feel and look cramped. Clear away the clutter and only keep out what you want yourself and your guests to admire. Imagine your coffee table with coasters, a tissue box, a centerpiece, your remotes, and some ornaments. Just the thought of all these things out on display makes you feel like you’re cramped. But, now, imagine your coffee table only has the centerpiece, tissue box, and coaster, do you feel calmer and relaxed? 

Try Stripes & Geometric Designs

Imagine a room that has one wall covered with a leopard print pattern and then another room that only has a painting of a geometric design. Which room do you think you’ll feel more comfortable in?

Yes, the one with less for you to look at. So pull back the designs and patterns, go for something that your eyes will be able to look at comfortably. 

Use Natural Light

Let the light in. Light is not your enemy so don’t try to block it out, work on ways you can bring more light into the room. Pull back the curtains, or pull up the blinds. You’ll notice that your space feels much bigger because of how natural light reflects off of things. 

Which tip do you think you’ll try? Let us know on our Facebook page!