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Make Meal Prep a Breeze With Meal Delivery Plans!

The art of the meal is something that can’t quite be copied. Putting together a delicious and nutritious meal for friends and family, then sharing it together is a large part of the social fabric. However, there’s a problem with cooking meals. It can take a lot of time! Prepping all of the ingredients and cooking can take hours. 

Thankfully, there are ways to speed up the process of getting healthy food cooked up nicely. Meal delivery plans are a way to provide fresh ingredients to the door, ready to be cooked. This cuts out time spent at the grocery store finding those specific ingredients. Meal delivery plans continue to explode in popularity as more people recognize the time saved can be better spent on family, hobbies or work! Learn more about how a meal delivery plan works and see if it may be right for you to try out. 

How They Work 

Meal delivery services typically work as a subscription. Each week, a set number of meals will be provided to be prepared. Typically these meals are used for dinners, but they can certainly be used at any time. Most services can be paused or have the number of meals altered from week to week. This ensures that food isn’t going to waste while travelling. Meals will be directly delivered to the doorstep, unless otherwise requested. 

Each service is a little different. Some have set meals which can’t be altered. Others let you choose a theme, like thai food for a week. However, most services these days let you choose the meals that you want. The meals need to be chosen from a set group the previous week. If the subscriber doesn’t pick, then meals will be chosen based on past selections. This ensures that a vegetarian for example, won’t be given three pork dishes in a week they forgot to make a request. 

What’s Included?

Meal delivery service provides the majority of what you will need to create a fresh meal with minimal prep time. They won’t cut up vegetables for you, but they will provide the right amount. That goes for all ingredients. There’s no need to waste time measuring or eyeballing. Each meal also comes with instructions for the recipe. It’s typically a good idea to read the entire recipe to make sure you understand every step. 

What’s not included is often basic spices (salt/pepper) and cooking oil. Pans or other cookware will need to come from your kitchen as well. Most plans will assume the basics are available. Some will take a census of cooking equipment before they allow people to start picking meals. 

Popular Meal Delivery Plans

There are many services which offer up great meals to be cooked up. Not every subscription is available in all areas. The most popular ones seem to be rapidly expanding however. Some of the most popular options are: 

  • Sun Basket - Sun Basket is known for their very high quality ingredients and have meals designed around many nutrition choices. They have vegan, vegetarian, paleo and other diet plan meals available. 
  • Gobble - As mentioned before, most meal replacements don’t do all the prep. Gobble does! Vegetables will arrive peeled or chopped if possible. The idea is that most meals can be completed in just 15 minutes. 
  • Blue Apron - This was one of the original services and is widely available. They try to focus on sustainable farming practices with their meals and avoiding food waste. 
  • Purple Carrot - For vegetarians and vegans, Purple Carrot is a great option. The goal of this subscription is to take plant based diets to the next level in terms of flavor and inventiveness! 
  • Fresh Direct - No subscription is needed for this service. Just pick the meal you want, the number of portions needed, and it will be delivered for the day it’s needed! Prep times are very low. 

These are just some of the options when it comes to meal subscription. Others like HelloFresh, PeachDish, Daily Harvest, Green Chef, Terra’s Kitchen and Every Plate can also be excellent options. Keep trying until you find one that works for you!