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Luggage is the Unsung Hero of Any Person's Vacation

Traveling is part of life, and when vacationing, it's realistic to state that there will be a need for luggage for the trip. However, even when traveling as a family for a vacation to the same spot, it's improbable that everyone's needs match. The luggage different family members carry boils down to personal requirements and preferences. With the wrong type of luggage, the trip will likely not go as expected. Besides, the travel rate and budget play a huge factor in the kind of luggage perfect for a journey. In this case, before packing up and going on vacation, there is a need to have the correct type of luggage to carry personal effects. There’s a lot of options and selections out there as well. This article will take a brief look at luggage and the many factors to consider when you try to determine what kind of luggage you need. 

Types of Luggage

Lightweight carry-on packing is perfect when trying to fit into the recommended weights. Carry-ons are great as it fits the needed items and will reach the destination at the same time. Some features to consider carefully include retractable handles, multiple compartments organization, wheels, and overall design.

Rolling luggage may be the best type to consider when going on vacation for more than three days. Rolling luggage comes in to replace the single hand suitcases for carrying. Larger rolling bags are convenient when requiring larger spaces while still keeping one piece of luggage for the entire trip. Travelers must keep an eye on quality as cheap material handles break easily due to the weight.

A day trip can need a backpack. Depending on the vacation destination, a travel backpack is convenient and comfortable to carry around while still having access to essential items. The best part is that the newer bags come with rolling wheels, and it’s easy to drag the luggage around when it becomes too heavy to carry eventually.

Travel packs are the most outstanding alternative to suitcases. A travel pack is perfect for adventure since they are usually made of repellant fabric from water and it’s also easy to wipe off dirt. The new version of travel packs has intelligent features redesigned with travelers' needs in mind.

Choosing the Right Luggage

When choosing a piece of luggage, it’s essential to consider these aspects:

  1. Size and maneuverability - Smaller luggage is easier to carry around; however, it might lack the space to carry all effects if it’s a more extended vacation. More oversized luggage may carry all products needed but may cost more in luggage charges as some airlines have their standard size. On the other hand, they can be cumbersome to tug along while having fun.
  2. Material - Luggage comes in soft and hard materials. The softer material is generally less expensive but has a shorter life span. However, they are easy to carry and fit into tight spaces. More rigid materials are more durable, easy to clean, and hold important documents but need consideration when traveling.
  3. Features - The types of luggage have different travelers in mind. When buying luggage, check the convenience of the features in each style available. Consider built-in compartments, the size of each space, and ease of access each luggage offers.
  4. Security - Safety and security are vital considerations when shopping for luggage. Generally, check whether a security feature like locks makes it harder for valuables to get stolen.

Popular Brands

There are many choices of popular luggage brands in the market. Choosing the best is a taxing task for many. Some popular brands have mastered the art of convenience and needs, style, and meeting personal taste.

  1. American Tourister - American Tourister is a moderately priced luggage company ranging low-middle in its prices. It's perfect for vacation travelers who do not travel frequently and don't particularly need highly durable luggage. It's available in different types, and the colors are varied and bold. Finishings on the bags are luxurious and cater to both adult and kid's preferences.
  2. Samsonite - Samsonite luggage and suitcases have been around for more than 100 years and offer a wide range of products. Apart from the different types of bags, their products provide travel accessories for easy maneuver of the luggage, such as gliders and spinners. They are perfect for heavy travelers who seek style and durability.
  3. Travelpro - Travelpro is a mid-priced luggage brand that offers value for money due to its quality. Many people use it when seeking multiple suitcases due to their four-wheeled spinners. The luggage is made of premium fabrics and materials and offers lifetime warranties on their products.