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Like to Save? Coupons and Discounts are Everywhere

Many people are brought together by their love for shopping. However, shopping can get expensive. If there’s one thing that people love more than shopping, it’s finding themselves a bargain. Getting something you want to buy is great. Getting something you want to buy at a big discount is even better!

There’s a lot of ways that people can save money. Sure, companies advertise sales, but often they raise the price just before the sale to make it look better. There is consistent ways in which to save money on the things you need (or want) to purchase. It’s important to remember that little savings on things you’re going to buy anyway will add up in the long run to fund large purchases. That’s the beauty of coupons, promo codes and discount gift cards.


Coupons have been around forever. However, the method people get coupons has certainly changed over the years. Coupons used to arrive in a flyer with the weekly mail, or in newspapers. Concerned shoppers would clip them out of the material and then use them in stores. Now, coupons are widely available throughout the internet to the savvy shopper. Many companies off their own coupons for customers to find. Companies like Joann's Fabric will release a coupon onto the internet through their website. They also will do so through newsletters and emails. Subscribing to these emails can result in more coupons than you can use. 

There are plenty of coupon websites available to people. They can save the coupons to their smartphones, and simply have those scanned at checkout.

A lot of stores also offer price matching. This is great, because they will accept coupons from other major competitor when they signify a specific price. While some people standing behind in a line may not appreciate the money being saved ahead of them while coupons are being price matched, the purchaser sure will!

Promo Codes

Promo codes fall somewhere in the middle of coupons and gift cards. Promo cards are one time or limited time offers which will offer up a good or service at a discount. Promo codes are mostly used online. It’s very easy to have an option to enter a promo code during the checkout process.

Promo codes will sometimes have limits. They may only be used in certain scenarios or on certain dates. They are common for people when they make their first purchase at an online retailer. The starter promo is a great way to get new customers to a business.

Discount Gift Cards

Despite the name “gift card”, there’s no requirement to give it to someone else as a gift. If you are able to get one at less than the standard value for something you’re going to purchase anyway, why not take advantage of the card yourself?

Companies are always excited when people buy gift cards. Many go unused or become lost. That’s free money to these companies. Because of that, they will sometimes offer companies and websites the ability to buy gift cards in bulk at a discount. These are then sold off to the consumer, who still get a discount off of the location they want to shop in. Websites like “GiftCardGranny” let you shop at locations you would shop anyway at a bargain.

There’s also websites that work as “card swaps”. Many people who receive gift cards may not be interested in using them at the store in question. To deal with this, they will instead swap the card through the website. They will get a cash value, less than the value of the card. In turn that card will be resold to someone else who wants it at a discount from the value!

One thing to keep in mind with discount gift cards is that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Popular retailers gift cards typically can sell from 2% to 10% off. If someone is offering gift cards at 80-90% off, then it’s a scam and probably attempting to steal from you. There are some less popular stores and restaurants where cards may get up to 50%, but it’s rare.