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Keep Your Home Clean With a Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Having that little furball prancing around your house can really brighten up the day. After a long day's work, it is enjoyable to be greeted with the affection cats tend to show their owners. Cats are playful, low maintenance, serve as great cuddle partners when sitting on your lap, and are easy to clean. However, dealing with their regular bowel movements can present a problem. This is the precise reason litter boxes were created. The only problem, what do you do about the litter box itself, which certainly will produce and unpleasant odor that can taint the air of any living space. Thankfully, litter box technology has evolved from the basic scoop into some more interesting options.

Litter Boxes in Homes

There are a number of measures you can take to eliminate the dreaded litter box odor. Anything from utilizing kitty litter that contains chemicals that naturally eliminates odor to moving the litter box from the closed off laundry room into an open and well ventilated space. Some people closely control their cat's diet. There are many ways to reduce or eliminate the bad odor. However, any number of placement strategies and chemically induced odor reduction litters are far inferior to regular cleaning itself. Therefore, self-cleaning litter boxes are a great option for odor elimination.

How Self Cleaning Litter Boxes Work

Self-cleaning litter boxes have a few features that are different than regular litter boxes. Some are enclosed, which helps contain the odor to the litter box itself. The most common feature that is different is the sensor and rake. Most self-cleaning litter boxes are equipped with a sensor that is activated when the cat enters and leaves the litter box. When the sensor detects that the cat has left the litter box, a rake slowly moves over the litter itself and rakes out the excrement. Ideally, this gets raked into an enclosed space or a

Popular Self Cleaning Litter Boxes to Buy

There have been many self cleaning litter boxes designed for people to choose from. Some of the best can be purchased on Amazon. Three very popular options include:

  • Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box. - This litter box is a popular choice because of its economical price. All self-cleaning litter boxes are going to cost well over $100. This litter box, however, is just over the $100 threshold. Its metal frame makes this litter box a durable, long term solution. Reviewers claim this box to be quiet in comparison to other self-cleaning litter boxes as well.
  • PetSafe Scoop Free Original Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box. - This litter box contains many of the same features as the Pet Zone Smart Scoop. It is an economical choice, Retailing at $139. It is made of durable material and the mechanical function of the box is quiet, according to reviewers. An additional feature is the specific type of litter it utilizes. It uses Blue Cat Crystal Litter, which is designed to soak in urine and other waste and it does not stick to the cat's feet.
  • CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box. - The most expensive of the three most popular options, this one retails at $240. However, you definitely get your money's worth with the added cost. Made of durable material and quiet in its function, this self-cleaning litter box contains a few more perks. First is the self-washing function. With most self-cleaning litter boxes, you are still required to clean the box itself from time-to-time. The CatGenie utilizes water to wash the box itself. Second, this litter box is usable by more than one cat. Cats are unlikely to share the same litter box. This box, however, eliminates the excrement immediately upon use; therefore, other cats are willing to use it as well. So, if you have two or more cats this litter box could be for you.