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Just Because a Snack is Healthy Doesn't Mean It Won't Be Delicious

Everyone knows those mid meal cravings. Perhaps you’ve been working for a while and suddenly the hunger bug strikes. Of course, you’re right in the middle of meal times and you don’t want to go crazy. That’s where snacks come into play. Snacking can help you get from meal to meal without going into starvation mode. However, snacks are usually very unhealthy for you. Many snacks are packed full of sugars and preservatives. This sort of junk food snacking is something that most people have taken part of in the past. While an occasional unhealthy snack is okay, doing that a lot can be really detrimental to your health. That’s where healthy snacks come into play. Healthy snacks can ensure that you’re not going to be paying a health penalty for those little pangs of hunger. This article will look at some healthy snacks that can keep you feeling good. 

1 - Yogurt and Berries

This is a great snack that you can have which is high in protein and other health benefits. It can vary depending on the type of yogurt that you use and the type of berries that you use. Greek yogurt is a great option as it’s just full of protein. When it comes to berries, they are packed full of antioxidants which helps with inflammation and a host of other health issues. Try unflavored greek yogurt with a mix of blueberries, raspberries and gooseberries on top. 

2 - Kale Chips

So, kale chips aren’t really chips in the traditional sense. Kale chips are just baked kale. You merely need to mix a  little olive oil and a little salt in a bowl with a cup of kale (cut the kale up into chip sized pieces first) and then bake them for 10-15 minutes. They will start to brown and get nice and crispy. Kale is among the best foods in the world when it comes to nutrition. It’s just packed with fiber and other nutrients. 

3 - Protein Smoothies

The name should already tell you that it’s likely going to be really healthy. First, it’s going to be full of protein via some kind of protein powder (maker’s choice). From there, you need to add some fruits and veggies. Naturally you need to add some kind of healthy fats as well. This can be nut butter, avocados or other items. Essentially, you can try out a whole host of different recipes until you find a perfect snack protein smoothie. 

4 - Olives and Feta

This healthy snack is a tip to the country of Greece. Both ingredients come from there and are both healthy in their own way. Olives in particular are a great choice as they are high in healthy fat and are just packed with antioxidants. Adding some protein via feta cheese makes for a nice snack. You can also serve these with some form of carbs like pita bread, but don’t overdo it. 

5 - Cantaloupe and Prosciutto

Wrapping some melon in cured ham may seem like an odd choice. I mean, fruit and meat is often a risky combo. This is a fantastic snack or also good if you want a fancy appetizer to serve to guests. The Cantaloupe is full of fiber and vitamins, ensuring that you’re going to get your daily intake. The prosciutto isn’t the most healthy item on this list, but it does have protein, and it’s used to provide a contrast to the cantaloupe. In the end you get a delicious sweet and salty delight.