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If You're Using a Cooktop, Choose Only the Best

For those involved in the culinary arts or who simply enjoy cooking, cooktops are a great investment. They allow one to simmer, boil, sauté, stew, sear, melt, poach, and fry a variety of food items. Many cooktops consist of multiple burners, so individuals can boil water, as they sear fish, as they melt butter and as they fry potatoes. Some cooktops utilize gas while others use electricity. There are cooktops that are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible, so one can control their functions using a smartphone. It is worth mentioning that there exist cooktops that one can control by employing a virtual assistant and other artificial intelligence technologies. There are cooktops that focus on providing users with incredible amounts of power. There are also cooktops that center around precision, giving users the chance to engage in complex food preparation techniques. Here is a list of four cooktops that can satisfy a person's culinary needs.

1 - Bosch 30-inch NGMP056UC

The Bosch 30-inch NGMP056UC is a natural gas cooktop with sealed burners. It is part of the Bosch 500 Series. As a whole, the cooktop has an exterior width of 31 inches. The cutout width is 28.9375 inches. The cutout depth is 19.125 inches. And the cutout height is 19.125 inches. It has four burners and is convertible to liquid propane. This cooktop's control type is digital, and it is CSA Certified in stainless steel. Overall, the Bosch 30-inch NGMP056UC is a highly effective and efficient gas cooktop.

2 - Empava 30-inch 30GC5B70C

The Empava 30-inch 30GC5B70C is a gas cooktop that has five Italy Sabaf sealed burners. The product dimensions are 29.92 inches in width, 20 inches in depth, and 4.165 inches in height. The cut-out dimensions are 28.55 inches in width and 18.7 inches in depth. The cooktop has automatic shut-off technology that prevents gas leaks. It also has a stainless steel surface that is resistant to heat discoloration. There are four different burner sizes, so one can cook various meals at the same time without having to worry about attaining proper heat distribution.

3 - Samsung NZ36K7570RG 36-inch

The Samsung NZ36K7570RG 36-inch is a stainless steel electric cooktop with five burner elements. Its cutout dimensions are 33.875 inches in width, 5.0625 inches in height, and 19.125 inches in depth. One of the cooking zones is designed to adapt to the needs of different sized pots and pans. There is a simmer element and hot surface indicator lights. It is worth mentioning that this cooktop is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible, and it works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant.

4 - EcoTouch 30-inch Radiant Cooktop

The EcoTouch 30-inch Radiant Cooktop is an electric cooktop that has four burners, two of which have expandable elements. The product size is 30.31'' x 20.47'' x 2.36' (W x D x H), and the cutout size is 29.13'' x 19.29'' (W x D). The item has a smooth top surface, making it easy to clean and maintain. There are several safety features, including automatic shut-off, a hot surface indicator, and overheating protection. This cooktop comes with a plethora of high-tech features, such as sensor touch control and a digital display. It would be a great addition to any tech-savvy household.